Sunday, February 1, 2009

There are worse things than Philadelphia on a Sunday

Feb 1, 2009: Click here to view all 500 photos from my Philadelphia trip. For a quick glance, read below.

This morning I saw

...the Liberty Bell, the outside of Independence Hall

...the vacant lot where Ben Franklin's house used to be before his grandchildren DEMOLISHED it and SOLD THE LAND & the 1980s underground museum below Ben Franklin's non-house.

Those are phones on skinny stands in the photo on the right. You pick one up, dial one of the fifty phone numbers on the wall in front of you, wait while each number you dial ticks off a certain number of "clicks" (remember those phones in the 80s?) and listen to an actor act like a famous person for 30 seconds. I heard Ralph Waldo Emerson read a poem. He ended it with "... and I'm Ralph Waldo Emerson."

These windows were below the white outline of Ben Franklin's house showing the home's actual foundation underground. That white stuff in the photo on the right is the foundation.

And then I did the matinee at 1pm. After lunch I walked a bit more and saw

...the Pennsylvania Reading Railroad building which is now the entrance to the city's convention center. The outside is stunning. Inside looks like a convention center.

Then I did the 6:30pm show and walked home to go to bed early so I could wake up early Monday on my full day off. Woo day off hoo!

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