Saturday, February 14, 2009

South Bend Indiana quote

"Another performer of note was Mark Baratelli, who brought to life King Herod in a most interesting and entertaining way. He had the house in hysterics during "King Herod's Song." It was a fresh new twist to the tune and was truly delightful."

-Scott Novak, Niles Daily Star, February 14, 2009


Summer said...

*being serious*

It seems ( from these recent reviews ) that you've really settled into your role and discovered fun things to do with it. I'm glad. You seemed bummed at the start of the tour and though I know you hate all the shitty food you have to eat, I'm hoping you're finding more fun onstage.

Mark Baratelli said...

Thanks. On stage I am working hard but having fun. Those early reviews from Variety and the other paper that were negative helped me. At first I was heartbroken, but then I was like "They're right." So I made changes. Now, I am more comfortable with what I am presenting. It feels more honest and natural. I dunno if it's "right," but I am coming at the action on the stage from the who, what, why of the story. I wasn't doing that before.