Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday: not much and very little

Bought this Orlando Museum of Art shirt Wednesday

Thursday Feb 19, 2009: I did laundry at a laundromat my mom said was "full of homeless peoples' clothes," got confusing advice from the lady at the post office on how to change my address for the remainder of my tour, dumped a small pile of crap off at my $50/month apartment AKA storage unit and did not get help filing for unemployment (for the week I am off here in Orlando). I missed "Third Thursdays" downtown and a Tweetup hosted by an Orlando Sentinel writer so I could perform at SAK. There were 20 people in the audience but they seemed to enjoy the show. I did.

Driving: I've been tooting around Orlando in my car and it's like I never left, when the truth is I haven't driven a car (except for 3 hours in Cupertino) since June 2008. Cars need bags that velcro to the passenger seat. You can dump all the shit you collect along the way (fast food bags, receipts, used to-do lists) into the bag, then just yank it out of the car and take it inside. Instead, once you park you must then organize this small pile of crap and put the receipts in your wallet, the fast food bag behind the seat and the used to-do list in your hand (along with the keys and the cell you're talking on).


Summer said...

You're here? We're going to the farmers market today- you should come out.

Mark Baratelli said...

No I'm back on tour today in Columbus, OH. I was only in Orlando Monday thru Saturday of this past week.

Summer said...

Well fuck. :(