Thursday, March 26, 2009

Audio- Newspaper interview

I had the opportunity to give a newspaper interview today over the phone. The writer was nice enough to let me record the interview so I could place it on my blog. We talk about improv, theatre, Jesus, my role and the economy. It's 16 minutes long. Click above to listen.


Anonymous said...

Well-done, professional, entertaining. So glad you recorded the interview.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mark: OMG....I enjoyed this interview with Mr. it and listened to the podcast...I will pass the word to those in the Ted Neeley fan forums if you don't mind?? I was sitting almost in the back of the auditorium in Daytona, so I didn't see the bit with the roses....(I'm just too damn short)... I don't often see interviews with cast members other than Ted or James Delisco, so when we do find them, it is really refreshing to hear from you or Cristina or Darrel and others in the cast...I know that many of the folks who go to see JCS often, read the blogs or web sites of the cast members...we are always so happy to find them...I come here about every other day or so...I have not yet listened to your pod casts, other than this interview, so will be back....I don't know if this tour will have a 4th leg or not...many of us are hopeful....guess we have to just make it through this one first huh?? Time will tell..meanwhile, keep up the good work with King Herod...I cracked up with your description of making him a gay purple spaceman...OMG, Mark...too funny...I love what you have done with King Herod...I am hopeful that this country will turn around again, and yes, we need to support the arts...take care, best wishes on the remainder of this tour....Linda Burgoyne

Mark Baratelli said...

Thanks Linda. If you think others will enjoy it, please by all means pass it on. Thanks!