Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ignite Orlando mention

Me and my Orlando arts and culture blog got a shout-out from Greg Rollett at the March 4th Ignite Orlando event held at Slingapours in downtown Orlando. What is Ignite Orlando? Orlando Weekly writer Seth Kubersky explains it succinctly:
"Each speaker gives a five-minute PowerPoint presentation – 20 slides changed every 15 seconds, no more or less – on any topic they want. Topics are usually technocentric, but run an eclectic range; the only requirement is that the speaker be passionate about the subject. The format has since spread around the world."
Gen-Y marketing guru Greg Rollett mentioned me in his presentation, Using New Media to Make Orlando Cooler. (His entire presentation is in the video above). I found out about it from this article by Kubersky that ran in the Orlando Weekly newspaper:
"Greg Rollett explained how new media is building communities that “make Orlando cool(er),” giving props to Mark Baratelli’s Daily City ( and the Sentinel’s blogs."
Thank you for the shout-out, Greg, and thank you Seth for mentioning me in your article. Below is the slide from Rollett's presentation:


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