Thursday, January 1, 2009

Improv Cabaret

Mark Baratelli at the Chicago Improv Festival 2008

What is it?
Mark Baratelli performs a 30-minute cabaret with music and story, completely improvised. Technically speaking, its called long-from solo improv peppered with musical improv.

Seen at:
Chicago Improv Festival
New York Fringe Festival
San Francisco Improv Festival
Miami Improv Festival
Charleston Comedy Festival
Dirty South improv Festival
Orlando Cabaret Festival
Orlando Fringe Festival
Santa Cruz Improv Festival

Watch a full show:

Santa Cruz Improv Festival, July 27, 2008

"It is what comic improvisation should be. Mark Baratelli is a freakin' comic genius! Go see his show!", 2007

"Singer/ improviser Mark Baratelli and his accompaniest were like a two-person Baby Wants Candy — the Second City group that improvises an entire stage musical — except his was a cabaret act. If you missed it, you missed one of the festival’s best performances."
-Charleston City Paper writer Patrick Sharbaugh, 2007

"Your voice is amazing. Your improv is amazing."
-San Francisco Improv Festival Producer Shaun Landry, 2008

"I continually get comments on what a tremendous performance you put on"
-Santa Cruz Improv Festival Producer Lee Ann Gray, 2008

"Had the audience captivated from the moment Mark hit the stage"
-Dirty South Improv Festival Producer Zach Ward, 2007

"Mark Baratelli's... cabaret set slapped a huge, silly smile on my face."
-Show Showdown Blog

"Mark Baratelli’s mind-boggling improvised songwriting technique insures no two shows will be alike."
-Watermark Magazine 2008

"The songs were good, the singing was very good and the storytelling was fantastic. It's not always what Baratelli says, but the rapid-fire/borderline A.D.D. way he says it, the sideways glance, the dancey pose, the selling it to the back row."
-Orlando Sentinel 2007

"Mark Baratelli’s "Improv Cabaret" is ... laugh-until-you-cry hilarious!"
-Orlando Sentinel 2009

"Mark Baratelli has an impressively showy singing voice and a nicely warped imagination"
-Orlando Sentinel 2006

"Finally was able to catch “Improv Cabaret” yesterday and loved it. I laughed out loud a lot, which is something I didn’t even do during TJ Dawe’s amazingly funny show! Really some great songs too, like “Praise God for the Untalented” and two songs about homicide. “Speaking of going nowhere… I moved to Orlando.” Hilarious."
-Brian Feldman, 2006

"Nowadays it's not enough to look for the big time onstage. Nowadays, if you're really on top of things, you go public before your stage is even ready. That's what Mark Baratelli is doing. He's not content just to put on a solo show, Improv Cabaret, at this year's Orlando Fringe -- he's also blogging and podcasting and MySpaceing (there's a verb for you) every step of the way."
-Elizabeth Maupin, Orlando Sentinel, Mar 14, 2006
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