Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mark Baratelli online mentions, press, interviews

3-12-09 Live Active Cultures, Seth Kubersky
3-5-09 Using New Media to Make Orlando Cool(er), Greg Rollett
9-24-08 Jeff Goldblum is truly "Bringing Sexy Back" (photo credit), Ultimate
8-4-08 They'll Take Manhattan in Cash (photo credit), Now Public
7-16-08 What is,
6-28-08 Disney's Pleasure Island Closing, Ashely Edwards
5-1-08 Orlando Theatre Community's Favorite Hot Spots, Orlando Sentinel
1-11-08 Move Over Girls, It's The Boys' Turn, WanzieGram
10-5-07 Ashley Burns and the Great Blumpkin, Alex Rudloff
8-23-07 Episode 58 An Interview With Mark Baratelli, Tim Corrimal
6-29-07 Ryan Price vs the Media + Mark Baratelli, Ryan Price
5-29-07 Marketing a Fringe Show 101, Ryan Price
5-21-07 Mark Baratelli Pushes Earnest Improv On Youtube, Angela Natividad
4-11-07 Episode 126 PodCamp NYC, Ramble Redhead
9-26-06 That Mark Baratelli is at it again, Elizabeth Maupin
5-14-06 Emotional Service Dogs, Overlawyered

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