Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Paula Deen is fat for a reason

My Paula Deen meal- fat fat fat fat fat
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Monday March 23, 2009: I grabbed a bus in Savannah and rode 6 miles from my hotel to the lovely, tree-shaded streets of downtown. So pretty. I was tootin' around, listning to podcasts and taking phoos of door knobs and sidewalks when I run into a few fun people from the cast. They were on their way to Paula Deen's restaurant called The Lady And Sons. She is "the lady" and the "sons" must be dead from her cooking. Good Christ the woman lover her butter and oil and bacon fat.

Apparently you need reservations to eat at Lady and Dead Sons, or so we heard. Not the case, at least with us. We walked right up and got sat within 5 minutes. We all chose to eat the buffet so we were off and running as soon as we sat down.

Good Christ the food, though tasty, was the antithesis of self-love. Salt, butter, fat... and that was just breathing in the restaurant's air. Who eats like this? There was more salt than green beans in the green beans. The butter had butter in it, topped with butter. However unhealthy the food was, it was fun to relax in the darkly-lit restaurant and chill with funny people and enjoy "good" country cookin... that will kill everyone who eats it.

After we ate, taking the elevator from the 3rd floor.


niftyjwn said...

how do I digg this??

Mark Baratelli said...

I dunno really. I never got into that site. Seems like you should be able to just submit a link (the html link of the page) as a digg to your digg account, and it should show up. But I dunno really.

henzy said...

well what do you expect from a cook who loves butter, sticks and sticks of butter

Mark Baratelli said...

I didn't know what to expect because I didn't know her schtick. Now I do: death by food.

Summer said...

Your tags to this post made me feel fat.

Mark Baratelli said...