Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pensacola- Dad and Kathy

My Dad and my step-mom Cathy saw the show tonight from the VERY last row in the top balcony. The worst seats in the house. I felt awful. Wish I could have gotten them beter seats, but they said they enjoyed the show and said they could hear every word I sang. Thats all that matters when you really think about it. Kidding.

We had dinner at a downtown sports bar before the show. Then I gave them a tour of the backstage area and they watched a mic check. I wish my Mom and my friends from Orlando could have come earlier so I could have done this with them, but my friend Denna had to work late and so they could only come to the show. But we got to hang out afterwards so that was nice.

The noose behind my Dad's head is the noose Judas kills himself with. Lovely.

I got an email from someone in Pensacola already:
"Thank you for giving us a wonderful performance this evening in Pensacola at the grand re-opening of the Saenger Theatre. My husband and I thought you were excellent."
-DJ Zemenick
And unrelated, I noticed that this message board on linked to a photo of mine I took in Soutside Park, Sacremento, California.

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