Thursday, March 19, 2009

Review: Maryland blogger Charles Jensen

I love the last line of this paragraph from a review of the show by Maryland filmmaker and blogger Charles Jenson:

"In the touring show, the stand out was Herod, whose role affords him the most latitude in performance. This show's Herod sang a Calypso version of his solo, with four Carmen Miranda-like back up singers. My only reservation is that the actor played Herod as a kind of mincing bitchy queen--and the last thing the gays need right now is to be connected to the crucifixion of Jesus, if you ask me. But he was funny, and he incorporated the most anachronism into his brief moment on stage, combining a divaness with the kind of critcal rancor usually reserved for restaurant reviews and NPR film reviews."
-Charles Jensen, Kinema Poetics, March 19, 2009

And check out his tweet:

"thinks King Herod stole the show"
-Charles Jensen, @chasjens, Twitter status update, March 18, 2009

Thanks Charles. I'm unemployed come May 3. Put me in one of your movies.


Charles said...

Well, we will be hiring a custodian at work pretty soon. We could probably wait until May 3. ;)

Mark Baratelli said...

Hey I know how to use a broom and carry keys.

Summer said...

And by use a broom you mean sex. Right? Right???

Mark Baratelli said...

By broom I mean balls. I know how to use my balls.