Saturday, March 28, 2009

Snacks Paula Deen would love

A member of the cast kindly brought in some snacks. I have never seen snacks like this, even at Paula Deen's house of morbid obesity. I ate two of each while crying in my dressing room. Hate the choclate, love the sinner. These snacks belong on, do they not? (PS: I am not hating on the nice person who brought these snacks in. She's the sweetest person in the goddamn cast.)

Mini oreo covered in chocolate, sitting on a choclate-covered potato chip

Chocolate-covered Ruffles potato chip

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Summer said...

Have you ever had a fried Oreo or Fried Snickers bar?
Take an Oreo, dip in batter, fry in deep fryer with lard, take out, drain, dip in powdered sugar, eat, then shoot yourself with crisco cannon.

Mark Baratelli said...

Good Christ, is Paula Deen taking over the world?