Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 1, 2009: Fox Theatre two-show day

Sunday March 1, 2009 was luxurious as hell at the Fox Theatre in Detroit (View my photos), Michigan, despite it being a two-show day and me not being able to check into my hotel until after the second show. I had free food all damn day (breakfast was free at the hotel this morning, lunch and dinner were catered by the theatre because we were stuck there all day) and I got my own dressing room with free wireless internet. Lord Jesus I was loving today. The only time I came out of my dressing room was to eat and perform. Otherwise I was cozied up to my laptop enjoying the warmth and solitude. Happy Sunday!

Telling you about my room

Cake at the Fox
Lava lamp and cake slices

Me in 2009 pointing to my 2004 name
My name on the 2004-05 Oliver national tour wall painting

Since we didn't do a wall painting for JCS, I did my own. Am I fired?

The Fox Theatre: collage

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