Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Washington Day 2 and 3

Tuesday: The NEwseum is a museum about news-gathering. Funny topic considering the change newspapers and media are going through right now. The whole place wreaked of a pro-media smell. Like, without the existence of the media as it sits right now, our country would suck and the world would be shit. Well both are true and the media as it sits now sucks. So, what are we gonns do? The Pulitzer Prize photo gallery is fascinating. The cafeteria is too. But my fear of heights prevented me from experiencing floors 2 through 6, so I got a refund.

Some art museum
Tuesday: Dunno what it was called, but it was on the National Mall and was one man's collection of art. He was rich and traveled the world collecting it. He built a museum with his name on it to house it. What an ass.

The show opened Tuesday night with all the producers slung up in the audience watching. Good Christ nerves! I will say I love my new blocking. Afterwards the producers threw us a small gathering in a basement bar.

Wednesday I sat in my bed all day getting caught up with online crap, and tonight I found out a venue in Orlando is interested in booking my show this Spring and Summer. That would be awesome for the bank account, as I am jobless beginning May 3. Also, it would give me a great opportunity to practice the longer-form show in front of an audience, once I have the longer-form show prepared with the help of Chris. Let's hope it comes to pass.

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