Friday, March 20, 2009

Washington Day whatever


Yesterday I went to the Halocaust museum. Wow. Highly recommended. It is a well-designed museum. It's almost like a Disney walk-through ride. The lighting, the colors, the sounds, the signage is all designed and gives you (of course) a downbeat feeling. But they didn't just throw info at you. I can't explain. It is very well done.

Today is the last day of all-day freedom. Sat and Sun I have matinees and night shows. So today... I've laid in bed till noon. Yay productivity. Screw it. The weather is crap, all the architecture in this downtown area (and the mall) is the same and boring. And, I have enjoyed holing myself up and working on my orlando arts blog, reading some and learning how to handle Facebook. It's so tricky.

The Puppet Slam is on! John D is available for almost all of the shows. And James said he wants to use us as much as he can. Woo! So maybe we can get a few shows in. Will be nice to be a part of Fringe this year. But mostly I will be an audience member. Hey maybe I'll write reviews. Oh dear maybe maybe not. :) God knows I am hard to please and will "Baratelli" a show at a moment's notice. But that sounds like fun! :)

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