Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March 4: What next?

Me in LA last December

The topic of what I am going to do when this tour ends IN TWO MONTHS keeps popping up. I'd like to go back to Orlando, rehearse my show with Dinger and DeHaas during May and June, bring it to NYC for a showing with that producer whenever he wants me to come up this summer, see where that goes. If that requires me to move back to NYC, so be it. Or if it requires a bunch of travel but not me moving to NYC, I'd keep home base in Orlando and travel from there. If nothing comes from the showing, I'd move to LA and study improv at The Groundlings and UCB***. There's talk that this tour might be going out again. If they still want me I may do that too. Depends on what's going on with improv, my show and my 09 goals. How does that sound?

***I just emailed the artistic director of UCB LA and submitted my show for a performance slot. Their website says "outside submissions are welcome."

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