Sunday, April 26, 2009

Clinton Presidential Library

I got the chance to see my very first presidential library April 24, 2009, and for free! (View my photos here) Much to my faux-intelligence's surprise, the Clinton Presidential Library experience was a complete shock and letdown to me: a recreation of the Oval Office giving off the air of a theme park, a three-story hall with enough tvs spouting narration at you to be unable to concentrate on anything and two rotating art galleries showing Peter Max crap. And did I mention the building is stunning, but plopped in the middle of parking lot like Wal Mart? Avoid.


Anonymous said...

Hey, yo'mama met Peter Maxx in Little Rock, Arkansas at a private showing of his works in a downtown art gallery in the good old 1971s.
That's probably when those paintings were acquired. Peter Maxx in in your genes/jeans, but you just didn't know it. In fact, Peter Maxx is a very short little guy who gave yo'mama his autograph on the gallery program.

Having an art attack,

Mark Baratelli said...

Oh! Maybe he's from Little Rock?

b c said...

I have totally lost track of your blog after you left Myspace. I see the tour is still going on. When does it end.

I am sad to see Clinton's library is so crappy. That's really disappointing. Glad to see you're still giving good blog.


Mark Baratelli said...

Hi Brian! Yeah i left the myspace, sadly, ad have been here ever since. I loved blogging on myspace. Thanks for finding me here. This tour ends May 3. Back to Orlando and to the Orlando Fringe for May, then rehearsing Improv Cabaret May and June. Whats new with you?

Laura :) said...

Is it weird that I thought there'd be more...I don't know...books?

Mark Baratelli said...

It was a museum. They call it a library, but it didn't appear to be one.