Wednesday, April 22, 2009

David J. Sanders: Twitter Superstar

David J. Sanders, an Arkansas News Bureau columnist, “Arkansas Week” panelist and host of AETN’s “Unconventional Wisdom,” left the following tweet Tuesday April 21, 2009: "Thank God! I don't have to interview the guy from Jesus Christ Superstar."


David J. Sanders said...

Mark, for the record, I love musicals, and particularly the opera, but talking and writing about politics is more my bag.

I am married to a choral instructor and do sing (a little bit). I'm sure your production is wonderful.

Mark Baratelli said...

My production is wonderful, but the point is you are a reporter/tv personality thanking God in a pubic forum that you didn't "have to" interview someone. Who else are you grateful you don't get to interview? Let's see the full list. I mean, why would anyone even consider you as a proper person to interview an actor in the first place? And second, well, that's all I got now. But I'm sure I'll dwell on it some more in my off time and come up with a meatier argument. Or not. Maybe. Let's just say maybe for now. Thank God I don't have to commit to any more than maybe.