Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Drama Already

Wednesday April 8: Wow drama already here in Newark, and its only the first day.

Sunken Bus
Don't worry, this is not about my bus. I walked outside my hotel to find dinner (like a hunter) and saw the fire truck and the cop car. I didn't think anything of it, since the people on the sidewalk around the truck and car were calm and just standing around. And, I just woke up from an 11 hour bus sleep and additional 4pm-9pm sleep. So I was a litle hazy.

On my walk back, with McDonalds in hand, I see the cop car and fire truck gone, and a large bus, the size of ours, with it's tires stuck in the road. It looked like the road turned to mush and the bus sunk into it. That's werid. I walked inside, ate McDonalds and watched Jurrasic Park.

Right now (about 3 hours after seeing the bus) a back hoe is digging what looks like a hole 5 feet deep, where the bus was. Two dump trucks are sitting on either side of it, one full of dirt.

Scared Mom and Kid
My room was not getting a wifi signal when I first checked in before I took my 4-hour post-bus nap. So after the McDonalds and watching Jurrasic Park, I came downstairs to use the lobby wifi. I'm sitting in a gathering of lounge chairs with the street behing me. This Mom and her kid come into the hotel lobby. She's disturbed and the kid is confused. She's in her late 20s and the kid is like maybe 6? She tells him to first lie down on two chairs she is going to drag together to make a bed. He sits and she stares at her bag. Something is going down.

And I am seated right across from it.

With the sounds of the back hoe behind me in the street, she reveals bits and pieces of her story in her weird convo with her kid. She is running away from her husband, the kid wants to know what will happen to his Daddy, she just needs water to drink, she wants the kid to hide under the table. She seemed to want me to know her story. She revealed she only had $10 (which made me think she was trying to con me), she walks to the front desk and tosses $10 at the front desk clerk and calls to her son to follow her up the lobby stairs. They both run away and the front desk clerk calls the guard to the front desk. He says its an emergency.

The security guard waddles u slowly (I see him waddle) to the front desk. After the briefing from the front desk clerk, he follows slowly in the direction of the woman and kid up the stairs. A few minutes later, all three come down the stairs. She comes back to her spot near me, picks up her son's baseball hat and an empty bag of chips, slams the front door open and exits. I am assuming the guard asked her to leave the building. Other than the slam, she didn't show any signs of anger or weirdness.

I sat there watching the whole thing.

The cops came and spoke to the guard, but they didn't ask for a report or anything. They did, however, waddle up to the front desk and ask about room rates for cops.
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