Monday, April 13, 2009

Golden Day. Hurrah.

Outside my hostel room, Chicago Improv Festival 2008Today is what, at this company I work for, is called a "Golden Day." To the company I work for, "golden" means no show to perform and no travel to do. Golden = getting paid to do nothing. People are freaking out, doing back-flips all over themselves and promising to "drink their faces off" to celebrate.

So why am I still in bed at 11:30am on this magical, incredible day of gold? And why did I do this exact same thing for three days in Washington DC, a city full of fun stuff to do? I dunno.
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Anonymous said...

It's obvious: you prefer silver days.

Now, who are those two women at the top of this blog?

One looks like Sharon Stone, and the other one looks like Jennifer Lopez/ Mariah Carey/ Patty Duke/ Lindsay Lohan/ Glen Close.

Mark Baratelli said...

Its Sharon Stone bothering Mariah Carey with a flip-cam (a camcorder). The photo made me laugh. Why does Sharon Stone even OWN a flipcam? To make videos for her youtube account?