Sunday, April 19, 2009

Here we go

This baby is getting the hell outta there.

Here we go
Sunday I have a 630 mile trip ahead of me, starting at 5am. Hey, this is what I signed up for. And yes, this is probably going to have me traveling upwards of 12-14 hours. Monday I travel an additional 500 miles and perform a show that night. Oh yes. I looked into flights from Philadelphia, a town 60 miles from Easton, but I am choosing to be thrifty and just ride the bus. I heard a podcast yesterday where an economist or whatever was giving advice, and the advice was, "In this economy, if you have a job right now, the best thing to do is save money." So, I am taking that advice.

Red Robin
aturday night I discovered the magic of Red Robin, an over-priced, but delicious restaurant chain un-beknownst to me. Their burgers are good and their fries are unlimited. The servers made "friends" with us. One showed us photos of her 4-year-old son (wow), one discussed his upcoming golf game (boring) and both plopped their asses down and chatted while we tried to eat. The food was good and the (invited) company was fun.
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Shannon said...

Red Robin has a burger with a fried egg on top of it. It's heavenly.

Mark Baratelli said...

Now that sounds like something I would love.

Summer said...

You would entertain a fried egg on a fat, meaty burger, but get grossed out by a fried Oreo???
Just try it......try of us, One of us....

Mark Baratelli said...

OK!!! Mail one to me and I will film myself eating it.