Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Improv actor (me!) offers comic relief

Improv actor offers comic relief in 'Jesus Christ: Superstar'

I did a newspaper interview over the phone two weeks ago (listen to it here) for an article in "The Valley Breeze" newspaper. The article came out April 9, 2009. Improv actor offers comic relief in 'Jesus Christ: Superstar'. Here's a highlight:
"One thing I found unusual about Baratelli, when I visited his Web site, he had both his good and bad reviews posted. One Variety review skewered him. "They hated me," he said. "They came early in the run, in Los Angeles. It was my first theatrical review in a real paper. At first, I was like, whatever. Then after about two weeks, it bothered me. I mean, it's Variety. So I reread it, and I thought, maybe he's got a valid point."

Instead of letting the bad review eat away at him, Baratelli decided to take its counsel. "Now I feel like I'm doing a better job."
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Summer said...

Look at you taking constructive criticism.
Did you tell that person how much meth you were on when doing the interview?

Shannon said...

Consider me the worst press rep ever- I did not look this up until today. Darn NYC.

Mark Baratelli said...

Summer: You can hear the meth in my voice as I am giving the interview. He knew.

Shannon: Listen, between me and Craig we gotcha covered.