Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Providence, Rhode Island

Wow wow wow. The theatre in Providence, Rhode Island tonight had almost 3,000 seats, was built in 1928, is officially one of those old movie "palaces" and was freaking SOLD OUT. During curtain call the screaming was inTENSE. I hate acting* but I love that screaming! Tonight makes me very happy I took this job.

Downtown Providence is lovely. Some of the buildings are cartoonish in their extravagance. They loved their details back in the day. I have off till 11am tomorrow (Wednesday) so I am going to walk around some more in the morning to get more photos. I don't remember what the building is at left, but it resembles Philadelphia's City Hall.

After the show at the stage door, this woman confused her friend when she forced me to not sign a specific page in her program. I said "You want to reserve that for Ted. I understand." She looks at me and asks "Do you? Do you really?" She was very passionate and I just knew I had the right response to ease her worry. I replied. "Sure. I meet a lot of people like you." Oops.

*Acting is hard.
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