Thursday, April 2, 2009

Puppet Slam- Orlando Fringe

So here are the details on the show that I got asked to be in for Orlando Fringe called "Puppet Slam." It's a variety show, and I don't know which performances they will have me in, but here are the times and official description. Cat-Hat!
The Orlando Puppet Festival brings Puppet Slam, puppetry for adults to the Orlando Fringe! Puppets for Adults! No two shows alike! Laugh! Cry! Sing! Veteran Orlando Puppet Festival hosts Chupacabra and Scott Silson add their own schtick as they guide 5-15 minute puppet pieces performed by individual artists!

Show Times (90 min show in the Orange Venue)
5/14 THU 10:20PM
5/16 SAT 1:40PM
5/17SUN 4:30PM
5/18 MON 6:00PM
5/19 TUE 11:00PM
5/21 THU 8:25PM
5/23 SAT 7:30PM
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Summer said...

Check this out- I will defintely be checking out the shows that you'll be in. Just check which ones you'll be checking in, on, and I'll chek it out.
Guess what cola I love the most?

Mark Baratelli said...

You think you're funny... but you are.