Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Springfield, Missouri

April 25-27, 2009: I did three days in a town called Springfield, Missouri. (View my photos) Every day I was at the hotel they left the a/c off in the lobby and hallways, kept the front doors propped open, allowed the housekeepers to eat breakfast with me and never gave my shower any hot water. However, my three days spent in a town with a three-story "outdoor arts" store and a convenience store chain called "Kum & Go" was not a total debacle: Ryans Steakhouse was right next door to the hotel.


b c said...

So, I have to know if Da Cubby Hole is a strip-joint or not.

And Ryan's? Yayyy! Isn't that one of those massive buffet places? The kinda of restaurant you can get egg rolls and macaroni two feet from each other? I'm not gonna lie, it's a guilty pleasure of mine...oh and that softserve ice cream!

Mark Baratelli said...

I did not explore Da Cubby Hole. Since it was a SMALL town, I am going to assume it was just a bar. Or a rifle shooting range. Or a day care center?

And yes, Ryans is the pleasure palace of food you remember it to be. Egg rolls and mac & cheese... and ham. Lots of ham.

Fair City News said...

Too bad you didn't catch up with the Improvadors or the Skinny Improv while you were in town. You can still follow Ozarks happenings at FairCityNews.com