Sunday, April 5, 2009

Two-show Sunday: Jesus would be proud

Plastic hand in window

April 5, 2009: I did the Yale Art Museum between shows. The lighting is dramatic and the layout is pleasant, but half the goddamn museum was shut down for renovation. They better be glad admission was free or I would have mailed them one of their postage-paid comment postcards to complain.

On my last tour we did an onstage group photo with the cast/crew/band/management and it was a nice memento to have. I brought up the idea on this tour and it looks like its gonna happen in one of the upcoming venues.

For the past seven days I have not been pleased with my performances. Something was not right. Today after the matinee I go to my stage manager and tell her "I am sucking!" She offers to talk to me between shows about it, but I ask her to just watch me in the next few shows and offer feedback. And then tonight, with the help of the awesome banana-head Amber, Stella (me) got her groove back. She did something on stage that made me laugh and brought something out in me that I dunno, just made me wake up and do the song different. Even the end of the song, the last long note, I sang differently. And the crowd reacted completely different than they had the past week, in all the cities we've been in. Grateful the week ended on an up-note.

I know God Jesus Lord has a plan for me, but sill, I am nervous about being unemployed come May 3. There's rumor this tour will go out again. I want to get my show at UCB in LA and NYC, as well as bring it to NYC for that producer showing. I dunno. It's all nerve-racking.

For the short term anyway, I am going to rehearse my show during May and June. I am in one Fringe show, and a friend asked me to be in one performance another fringe show, and I will be at the festival covering it for my blog. So I will at least have something to do for the next two months while I look for work and collect unemployment.

Ok time for bed. I have a 3 hour bus ride to Albany ahead of me and then 3 hours of bitching mid-afternoon that I did not have time to see the capital building before call-time for mic-check.
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Summer said...

Will you be performing at Sak any time while you're in town?

Mark Baratelli said...

I emailed Dave and told him I will be in town. So fingers crossed he schedules me.

Summer said...

Let me know if so. I would love to see you in person.