Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wed 5/8/09 6am

6am Wednesday April 8, 2009: Long bus ride today. I've popped the pills, my bed is made (on the bus floor) and I am ready to be bitter (and asleep) all day.

Last night the show played a 3,000 seat theatre in Buffalo. And it was sold out. You ever seen 3,000 people standing up clapping in your direction? Wow. I wish it was for me, but as always, it is for our amazing lead.

Yesterday I attempted to take the self-guided (with a guide in y hand from the tourism office) tour of noteable architecture in downtown Buffalo, but it was so God-awful cold, I only made it 1/5 of the way before turning around.

I had dinner at a Canadian chain called Tim Hortons. They serve sandwich combos, but instead of fries, the side dish is a doughnut.

I had after-show dinner at TGI Fridays where a server tried to tell me she gave me one of my drinks for free, and I confirmed politely that she did not "do me any favors." I have never given a 10% tip until last night. She earned it for other transgressions as well, not just for that.
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Shannon said...

Bad service must be a trend there- I tipped 10% where I was, and I NEVER do that.

Summer said...

I love that you have " after show dinner." You're like a hobbit with their " second breakfasts ".

Mark Baratelli said...

@Shannon- Must be a Buffalo thing

@Summer- Thank you my precious.