Friday, April 10, 2009

Your kids should read this article

This shit is screwed up. An 11 year old middle schooler hung himself because of the daily teasing about supposedly being gay.

I can relate. I was teased CONSTANTLY in elementary and middle school for being effeminate. Kids are absolutely unaware the level of damage they can inflict.

If you have a kid, please sit them down TODAY and explain to them that teasing, for any reason, can damage the kid their teasing, especially if the teased kid doesn't know a way to defend themselves. Have them read the above article. Today.
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1 comment:

Julie Henry said...

Hi Mark - I foung your blog tonight after seeing you perform at SAK and while looking for info on the Fringe Festival. The article you posted is so unbelievably sad. I can't fathom what that young boy went through (and I'm sorry to hear that you went through it yourself). I don't think I will ever understand how people can be so hurtful to one another. I wish you the very best in your career pursuits! You are extremely talented and appear to have a great personality and ability to connect with the audience. Love, Julie