Sunday, May 31, 2009

My SAK schedule for June

I got three dates at SAK this month! Woo!

June 5 (Friday)
June 13 (Saturday)
June20 (Saturday)

Bring a costume and I'll wear it in a scene. Bring me a bottle of wine and I will chug it in front of child in the audience. I stretched just now and cracked my chest bone. Didn't hurt, just scared me. Wanna see who else is playing and when this month? CLICK HERE

Sherman likes Lazy, I did not

I saw this quote in a recent article about the Sherman Brothers (they wrote a bunch of music for Disney movies) on
"Who are some of Richard (Sherman)'s favorite songwriters? "Cole Porter, Larry Hart, W.S. Gilbert. Let's not forget Irving Berlin. He was deceptively simple: 'With a great big valise full/ Of books to read where it's peaceful/ I'm wasting time/ Being lazy...' You don't write — or think — better than that."
I sang that song, "Lazy," in that "I Love a Piano" tour back in 07-08. (Audio of me singing "How Deep is the Ocean?")I disliked singing it because I was the weakest link vocally in the three part harmony arrangement. I have no training in harmony, nor have I had the opportunity to perform it that often. So, it was stressful. And I think the song is pointless. Blech. Below is an arrangement as annoying but completely different from what we did:

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Remember Mark at Eight at Nine? No?

In 2007 I tried out with a show called "Mark at Eight at Nine." It was me chatting with people on the phone about mostly Orlando-based arts stories. It was completely low-budget and fun to do. Only reason I'm posting this is because I saw @etanowitz's tweet saying he was broadcasting on Qik. I clicked the link and then remembered my 2007 show.
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

So much time, so little $$$

Oh my Christ. I have never taken so long to prepare a goddamn blog post. I worked from 3pm-ish to 10pm. Goddamit. And as always, after you work so hard on a post that long, when its done, you get know feeling of completeness. I dunno why. Its always there.
Best Original Play

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Patrons Choice Awards Wrap-Up

Sixteen minutes of me saying how I felt the awards went, and how I felt producing them.

PuppetSlam Email Advertising

Picture 5
Screenshot from an email that the Puppetslam folks sent to their email list. There's me next to the hot guy and the round head guy.

Facebook Captcha: three weird ones

Sometimes when I leave a comment or upload something on Facebook, I get these "prove your not a robot" pop-ups with the captcha thingies. Here are three recent ones that were weird and deserving of a brief blog post.
Picture 11
Picture 14
Picture 5

The Early Show (SAK) at Fringe

I forgot to post this earlier, but got the chance to perform with "The Early Show" cast in "The SAK Show" at Orlando Fringe this year. Here are a couple shots from that show in the blue venue.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Ella Ella Ella

It never occurred to me to buy an umbrella BEFORE it rained. In New York, when it rains, these people come out of NOWHERE and stand on corners selling $4 cheap-ass teeny-weeny umbrellas. You use it that day, leave in some audition room a week later, then it rains and BOOP you buy another one.

Well today I was in the K-Marts returning 5 picture frames I ended up not needing for the Sunday night awards, and this severely aged woman was there returning a teeney-weeny umbrella because it was too heavy for her to use. God, getting old is going to suck. Then it hit me- I should buy a real, honest to God, gigantic umbrella that will keep me dry when it rains. And I did. This mother is HUGE. When I open it, it snaps open so hard it shakes my arm.


My forehead.. in print!

May 15-24, 2009: A long-form improv show in the 2009 Orlando Fringe Festival called "A Day to Remember" printed out a post from my personal blog and hung it on a sign of theirs promoting their show at the festival. The sign was in a line with other shows' signs in front of the Shakespeare Building.
Orlando fringe 2009Orlando fringe 2009Orlando fringe 2009Orlando fringe 2009
My blog printed out & featured

Friday, May 22, 2009

Fringe Crush- ME!

This is a quick interview full of Orlando theatre references that you non-Orlando folks won't get called a "Fringe Crush" video. See more here. Many performers at Fringe get asked to be in one by the person who films them, my good friend Denna Eramo. This year at The Fabbys, she received an award for her Fringe Crush videos from the Fringe Festival Producer, Beth Marshall. Denna has made these videos three years in a row and they are very cool, Fringy and popular.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Birds on 5-20-09

He was right above my head near Starbucks.

He was at The Rep this afternoon. As was I.

John and I do Improv Cabaret in PuppetSlam

May 19, 2009

#fringedrama09: The waterfall

Last night during PuppetSlam, water came from the ceiling DURING THE SHOW. It created this pretty dark patch of wet floor about 5 feet in diameter. And it happened WHILE SOMEONE WAS PERFORMING. These poor puppet people who I had never met before (its a different group of acts each night) were doing their act while water dripped onto the floor a few feet from them and all their props and costumes. It wasn't horrible, but it was awkward and weird as you can imagine.

I didn't see the initial beginnings of the water fall, so I do not know how long it was going on. I just happened to walk out from the green room to take a glimpse of the act that was performing, and saw the it. My first thought was "Fringe allows a water fall to happen on stage? Cool." (Cuz it looked pretty in the lights, I thought it was on purpose) Then I realized something was wrong. I ran out of the theatre to the ticket booth and told them to call someone important ASAP.

A few minutes later, while I was performing my piece, two wonderful Fringe volunteers came out center stage and mopped up the water and left a bright yellow bucket on wheels to catch the remaining water STILL falling from the ceiling. I tried my very best to not be 100% bitchy about it all during my set.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Patrons Choice Award design: Attempt #1

Picture 2
This would be your standard 8.5 by 11, in a frame, award. See it bigger here. Thoughts?

Listen- Lady Raptastic on the radio

Thank you to the fine folks at Real Radio 104.1 for having Chris and Lady Raptastic on their Soul Brother Kevin radio show around 12pm noon on May 19, 2009. Also thank you to Radio Rickshaw for recording it. This was the Lady's very first radio appearance ever in her life. Congrats to the Lady and to Chris

A Natural Trainwreck- LIVE

If you liked the train wreck rehearsal video I posted a week ago, you'll love this mess we did LIVE Monday night at 1am. Good Christ. So late. Skip through the inaudible banter to 1:53 and see a train-wreck of epic proportions occur in front of you. LOVE IT.

Monday, May 18, 2009


This and many more photos of me in bizarre poses and costumes were taken during the 8 and 10pm shows at SAK May 16, 2009 (Saturday night). And this is how this scene ended.

PuppetSlam review quote

The Orlando Sentinel reviewed PuppetSlam and John DeHaas (my accompanist) and I got a cool shout-out:

"With no two shows alike, this review is not going to mean a lot depending on what show you attend. But I hope Mark Baratelli’s "Improv Cabaret" is one of the pieces included if you go because it's laugh-until-you-cry hilarious!"Read the full review here

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Me and Patti Lupone

Me and Patti Lupone
Meeting Patti Lupone after "Master Class" on Broadway in (maybe) 1996-ish. I meant to post this on Facebook but I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing. Oh well.

Photo of me backstage at PuppetSlam

Photo by @brianfeldman
Photo by Brian Feldman

A Day to Remember poster

The poster hanging during the day I performed with this show

Guest monologue-ing in "A Day to Remember"Taken during the show by @brianfeldman

Photo- backstage at PuppetSlam

Backstage with John before I laid down the awful at PuppetSlam. Those two guys did this avant garde puppet thing with a giant walking puppet and a round sunshine puppet and Brian Feldman with a long plastic arm. They wanted nothing to do with me.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Satruday- many shows, very tired

May 16, 2009: A day of Fringe and SAK performing. I didn't get photos of the stuff in the early afternoon because I had to buy a camera charger to replace the one I lost this week then let the battery charge.

11am Pepe at Kids Fringe, Outdoor Stage: (performed) This was a nice volunteer experience. Rob plays Pepe, a flaming Spanish man. So naturally he, Christian and I were outdoor on a stage doing an improv show for children. Rob made it work for us.

11:30am The SAK Show, Blue Venue: (performed) I ran across the Green to the blue venue to be in "The SAK Show." Its the cast of "The Early Show" at SAK, but at Fringe. I struggled to keep up, honestly. They are a well-oiled machine.

1:40PM Puppet Slam (Orange): (performed) My improv choices were poor, I took my diva character to a place I don't like, I think the audience hated me for it, and I did too! Bad bad bad.

PuppetSlam Day 2
Taken by @brianfeldman during this poor performance

3:05pm watched "Well of Horniness": (watched) Great cast, fab black costumes (my favorite was the Forever 21 prom dress), but Good Christ I could not follow that script.

4:45pm The Bong Show With Pepe (Brown): (performed) FUN! It was a Fringe-centric chat show with people from other Fringe shows all squeezed on a fake couch. We dished on Fringe. I whined about the liquor set-up in the Green. Pepe read my horrid review from December our loud. Hilarious! We talked about the point of even having reviewers, with an Orlando Sentinel reviewer in the audience. Read her review. Yes its self-centered to think this, but I think she is taking about me when she writes
"(Rob Ward) doesn’t let (The Bong Show with Pepe) fall into insipid insider Fringe gossip, as some of the guests would like."
I was TOTALLY going for that. I thought that was what Rob wanted. But maybe not? I dunno. I was enjoying his pre-show FREE cocktails so I might have gotten that part wrong.

Pepe opening night cast
The opening night cast of The Bong Show

8pm & 10pm SAK Shows (SAK Comedy Lab): (performed) Drove to SAK and did the 8pm and 10pm shows there. Layden is my hero. I went to be him when I learn how to improvise.

Friday, May 15, 2009

PuppetSlam- my debut

Taken during last night's show

May 14, 2009: John and I performed a portion of my solo show in "PuppetSlam" last night at 10:20pm and according to the show's Twitter account, I said this during my performance:
"This is the worst show I have ever been in - in my life."
Why would I say something so horrible, right? First off, its rude and second, what coud have possibly happened that was SO bad?
#1- I was in my diva character mode.

#2- I had no mic.
HOWEVER, neither the puppet (played by the amazing James Donmoyer) nor the other puppets that chimed in hilariously during my bitching, nor even ME let the technical glitches (and they were huge) get in our way of doing what we went out onstage to do.

I felt like I was in the arms of the most supportive improv group in the world. Everything I said they just spun into gold. I could do no wrong. Really, really awesome improvisor/puppeteers (puppetimprovisoeers?) in the show.

Getting herded backstage before they open the house

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Press: Cover of Watermark NEwspaper

Here's the cover of this week's Watermark newspaper featuring me at the bottom/middle in a yellow sweatshirt and my red self-made "Thank God for the Untalented" t-shirt. See a close-up of me here. The photo for the cover was shot inside the blue venue at Fringe on Monday night May 12, 2009, around 6pm by local photographer (and 2008 official Fringe photographer) Julie Milford.


I went to Japan, rented a furnished apartment and borrowed someone's cat... JUST to make this video for you today.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Fringe schedule- FOUR SHOWS!

Picture 7I am SOOO grateful to the peeps with shows who invited me to be in their productions! Please come out and see them if you can, especially the one-nighters. Woo Fringe! Can't wait!

The Shows
Puppet Slam- a puppet-based variety show in which I do 15 minutes of my Improv Cabaret act with John DeHaas on piano and James Donmoyer playing the role of "Turds" the turtle, a cute turtle puppet. He is hilarious, John is amazing and I am, well, keeping up with them.

A Day to Remember- I tell brief stories from my past (real ones) based on audience suggestion, then the cast of Absent Minded Improv, an improv group that does shows in College Park at Taste, will improvise scenes based on those stories. Altogether I will tell three stories. I saw Adam McKay do this at UCB in NYC so I am excited and mostly terrified.

The Bong Show With Pepe- We all know and love the character Rob Ward plays, Pepe. He will lead a discussion on pop culture hot-button issues with a table full of local people. One night, I will be at the table joining in.

Under the Covers- Jeremy Seghers is doing a one-man cabaret act with his way-high voice. He asked me to join him for one song. Its going to be... interesting to say the least. Bring the video cameras for this one. I am not leaving until I bust a vocal chord.

The Schedule
5/14 THU 10:20PM Puppet Slam (Orange)

5/15 FRI 5pm A Day to Remember (Blue), 8pm & 10pm SAK Comedy Lab

5/16 SAT 11am Pepe at Kids Fringe (Outdoor Stage), 1:40PM Puppet Slam (Orange), 4:45pm The Bong Show With Pepe (Brown), 8pm & 10pm SAK Comedy Lab

5/17 SUN 4:30PM Puppet Slam (Orange)

5/18 MON 6:00PM Puppet Slam (Orange), 11:40pm Under the Covers

5/19 TUE 10PM The Bong Show With Pepe (brown), 11:00PM Puppet Slam (Orange)

5/21 THU 8:25PM Puppet Slam (Orange)

5/23 SAT 7:30PM Puppet Slam (Orange)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Natural Trainwreck

Jeremy asked if I would appear in one performance of his cabaret he's performing at the 2009 Orlando Fringe Festival. I said yes. I am in the May 18th 11:40pm show. He asked what song I wanted to sing, and I said "Natural Woman," the song I always sing if I am forced to perform kareoke. Tonight we had our first (and only) rehearsal before his show opens and Good Christ. Trainwreck!
Me and Jeremy tearing it up like two black women

Puppet Slam poster

This is the poster for the show I got asked to be in for Fringe (which begins Thursday). Isn't it cute and so DIY? I think I am in the coolest show at Fringe this year. F*** dance and comedies and plays. This year its all about the puppets!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bella's Chocolate Surprise

Sounds dirty
I saw this childrens book with my own two eyes in a Hershey, Pennsylvania history museum store a month or so ago. Ew.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Someone needs attention

Florida is the new Africa. I want to called the swine flu "Pig AIDS." I hate everyone's Facebook statue updates. I have this idea to do a calendar called "Slutty Orlando" in which I pose for each month in front of local famous/infamous landmarks in some form of short shorts, ripped moob-revealing tank tops and lady-shoes. 30 Rock is so funny I (almost) feel guilty for watching it for free on Hulu. My new summer residence has wifi and a/c and as of this past Saturday, me. I got to go to Gospel Brunch at Disney World Sunday courtesy of Denna and Jeremy. I heard tables/booths (at which to sell your merch) are $5 at Audubon Park Community Market.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Boring post- parking story

Hours of Operation
Last night I saw the Jersey Boys national tour at the Bob Carr theatre in Orlando, Florida. Great show, lousy parking. I parked in the Courthouse parking garage, went to the show, then rode with Denna to the cast party, leaving my car in the parking garage, thinking (wrongly) I could retrieve it whenever I wanted. I show up to the Courthouse parking garage at 12:15am after the cast party.

The garage was locked.

Denna graciously drove me home. Today I do my morning walk from my Mom's house to the parking garage. I leave me cell at home to charge because its dead. I arrive at the courthouse parking garage after a 2-hour walk and I read on a sign that I did not see last night that I have to call a number for a city employee to come to the garage to let me in.

I don't have a phone.

I walk back to my Mom's house (2 hours) and she offers to drive me back with my cell phone.

Her car won't start.

Is today really happening? I call a friend and she connects me with another friend who picks me up and takes me to the garage. This time, all makes sense. The employee is there, he lets me in, I get in my car, pay him the $10 (on top of the $7 fee I paid to park there last night) and drive out.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Catch (up with) me if you can

Standing on the spitting fountain in Chicago a day before tour ended

I flew back to Orlando from the tour May 4th, and have been here ever since. Its hot as hell and my car's AC doesn't work yet.

When is Mothers Day? I dunno. But for Mothers Day this year, I am taking my Mommatelli to see Jersey Boys Friday night. I also have tickets to the opening night party. Now, I saw on twitter that the show opens tonight. But the opening night party is Friday night? I don't understand. Denna is going as well. We are going to take photos of the party for my arts blog.

I am walking 2 hours/day to work off the TEN POUNDS I gained on tour. Thinking of going on Aderall like Lindsay Lohan. Kidding.

I did not fly up to NY to attend this audition for 101 Dalmations. Maybe there will be an open call in the Fall.

My first SAK show is this Thursday night, 8pm. I am filling in for Chase P. James Keaton dropped out of Chase's Fringe show. Any readers of my blog know why???

The cast list for Puppet Slam got posted on the Orlando Puppet Festival website. I am on it! Woo Puppet Slam!

I sang kareoke at Pulse last night and the audience hated me. This bodes well because the song I sang is the same song I will be singing in Jeremy's Fringe show.

I am officially registered for unemployment. Don't judge me. :)
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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Alaska fan

Jayson (from JCS cast) just sent me this video he had on his camera. Its footage of a very friendly audience member who sings a few lines from the Herod song. Cute!

More than Food, More than Air: Ted Neeley

Tour is over. Done. Finished.

It's over. Tonight I did my last King Herod at the 7pm show in some town in Michigan. Sad to leave the fun role, excited to see what comes next. Unless its crappy. I made a collection of tour-specific photos here, separate from the city photos (89 sets in that collection!) and the theatre/venue photos, all of which I gathered while on tour.
Me (Mark Baratelli) as King Herod
Reflections on this touring experience:
1. Enjoying your time on stage takes the work out of performing.
2. Having a great roommate makes ALL the difference. Being a great roommate does even more.
3. Blog smart.
4. Bring your laptop to the theatre. Most of them have wi-fi these days.
5. Be yourself. Be nice. Be quiet.
6. Trust those around you on stage. Accept the trust given to you in return.

Photos: me

Jayson, a friend on tour, sent me these two photos tonight. They're from mid-tour. No idea when or where. But aren't they fun, fabulous and female?

Stopped at rest stop on a travel dayRolling chair in dressing room
Entwined in shower curtain | Photographing nothing

Fiddler loves Jesus

The cast of Topol in Fiddler on the Roof sent the cast of Jesus Christ Superstar a congratulatory card for our closing weekend.

This is weird

I found this bit of weirdness in a mall in Rosemont, just outside of Chicago. It is so weird. It was made of paper and has wings and real high heels.

Closing night

Its closing night for JCS. One more show. No more bus calls (except the one taking us to the airport, but I don't count that). No more mic checks. No more company meetings. It's all over after tonight.
Black Jesus in window

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Why Seesmic Desktop rocks

Click the graphic below to view full-size:

Why Seesmic Desktop rocks
I took a screen shot of my Seesmic Desktop in its expanded form to show (hopefully) why you should use it instead of and facebook. It takes care of both as well as monitors search terms on twitter. I did this in response to a blog post written by Ken Davenport.

UPDATE 4-4-09: Whoa. My graphic got a thumbs up tweet from the @askseesmic) twitter account. Thanks, Seesmic!
Whoa- Seesmic tweeted my graphic. Neat!

Chicago, IL

I went to Chicago with Charlie and Joseph Friday afternoon. Here are four photos below. View all my Chicago photos here.

Deep dish pizza | The bean

Tiffany ceiling at Marshal Fields | The spitting video fountains

Friday, May 1, 2009

Saturday is the last day in Rosemont

May 2, 2009: is the final day in Rosemont, which is just outside Chicago.

Open Mic Night at New World Stages

When I was in Newark for a week for the tour, I went into NYC and hapened upon this open-mic/karoeke weekly event at New World Stages in midtown. It was a big ol' mess and I loved it. No, I did not sing, but I did film some who did. And wow. Just wow. See below.

"Obama" to the tune of "Oh Donna"

Everything's coming up... ballads.


I have more photos and videos from the evening here.


I won

Last night at the company party, awards were handed out. I won "Company Class Clown" and "Most Improvisational Performer." Yay!

The award

The awarding of the award