Saturday, May 9, 2009

Boring post- parking story

Hours of Operation
Last night I saw the Jersey Boys national tour at the Bob Carr theatre in Orlando, Florida. Great show, lousy parking. I parked in the Courthouse parking garage, went to the show, then rode with Denna to the cast party, leaving my car in the parking garage, thinking (wrongly) I could retrieve it whenever I wanted. I show up to the Courthouse parking garage at 12:15am after the cast party.

The garage was locked.

Denna graciously drove me home. Today I do my morning walk from my Mom's house to the parking garage. I leave me cell at home to charge because its dead. I arrive at the courthouse parking garage after a 2-hour walk and I read on a sign that I did not see last night that I have to call a number for a city employee to come to the garage to let me in.

I don't have a phone.

I walk back to my Mom's house (2 hours) and she offers to drive me back with my cell phone.

Her car won't start.

Is today really happening? I call a friend and she connects me with another friend who picks me up and takes me to the garage. This time, all makes sense. The employee is there, he lets me in, I get in my car, pay him the $10 (on top of the $7 fee I paid to park there last night) and drive out.


Summer said...

Downtown Orlando parking is gross. I hate parking there, so I rarely go downtown. Which is sad because there are some good places I would like to explore.

Mark Baratelli said...

Yeah when I lived here I only went to SAk at night. During the days if I went downtown I'd park for cheap in the library parking garage. never had a lick of trouble. I seriously dont want to go back downtown at night unless its to perform at SAK.

akeorlando said...

Yes, I've had several "situations" happen to me with downtown Orlando parking. It simply reminds me that we aren't living in a big city.