Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Catch (up with) me if you can

Standing on the spitting fountain in Chicago a day before tour ended

I flew back to Orlando from the tour May 4th, and have been here ever since. Its hot as hell and my car's AC doesn't work yet.

When is Mothers Day? I dunno. But for Mothers Day this year, I am taking my Mommatelli to see Jersey Boys Friday night. I also have tickets to the opening night party. Now, I saw on twitter that the show opens tonight. But the opening night party is Friday night? I don't understand. Denna is going as well. We are going to take photos of the party for my arts blog.

I am walking 2 hours/day to work off the TEN POUNDS I gained on tour. Thinking of going on Aderall like Lindsay Lohan. Kidding.

I did not fly up to NY to attend this audition for 101 Dalmations. Maybe there will be an open call in the Fall.

My first SAK show is this Thursday night, 8pm. I am filling in for Chase P. James Keaton dropped out of Chase's Fringe show. Any readers of my blog know why???

The cast list for Puppet Slam got posted on the Orlando Puppet Festival website. I am on it! Woo Puppet Slam!

I sang kareoke at Pulse last night and the audience hated me. This bodes well because the song I sang is the same song I will be singing in Jeremy's Fringe show.

I am officially registered for unemployment. Don't judge me. :)
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Summer said...

Why don't you contact that weirdo person on my FB about that 10 pounds in 3 days thing.
James left because of artistic differences with the rest of the group. We're still going to put on a damn fine show. ;)

Mark Baratelli said...

That 10 pounds in 3 days is bullshit. You cant do that and be healthy.

You answered my James question like Chase Padgett- like you're on tv. And I assumed his leaving wouldn't affect the show, obviously. Why would one person leaving affect anything?