Monday, May 25, 2009

Ella Ella Ella

It never occurred to me to buy an umbrella BEFORE it rained. In New York, when it rains, these people come out of NOWHERE and stand on corners selling $4 cheap-ass teeny-weeny umbrellas. You use it that day, leave in some audition room a week later, then it rains and BOOP you buy another one.

Well today I was in the K-Marts returning 5 picture frames I ended up not needing for the Sunday night awards, and this severely aged woman was there returning a teeney-weeny umbrella because it was too heavy for her to use. God, getting old is going to suck. Then it hit me- I should buy a real, honest to God, gigantic umbrella that will keep me dry when it rains. And I did. This mother is HUGE. When I open it, it snaps open so hard it shakes my arm.


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