Wednesday, May 20, 2009

#fringedrama09: The waterfall

Last night during PuppetSlam, water came from the ceiling DURING THE SHOW. It created this pretty dark patch of wet floor about 5 feet in diameter. And it happened WHILE SOMEONE WAS PERFORMING. These poor puppet people who I had never met before (its a different group of acts each night) were doing their act while water dripped onto the floor a few feet from them and all their props and costumes. It wasn't horrible, but it was awkward and weird as you can imagine.

I didn't see the initial beginnings of the water fall, so I do not know how long it was going on. I just happened to walk out from the green room to take a glimpse of the act that was performing, and saw the it. My first thought was "Fringe allows a water fall to happen on stage? Cool." (Cuz it looked pretty in the lights, I thought it was on purpose) Then I realized something was wrong. I ran out of the theatre to the ticket booth and told them to call someone important ASAP.

A few minutes later, while I was performing my piece, two wonderful Fringe volunteers came out center stage and mopped up the water and left a bright yellow bucket on wheels to catch the remaining water STILL falling from the ceiling. I tried my very best to not be 100% bitchy about it all during my set.


Laura :) said...

The roof has been being replaced...I know they're working on it! But they can't work on it in the rain! Stupid constant rain!

Laura :)

Mark Baratelli said...

It was truly a Fringe moment.