Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Fringe schedule- FOUR SHOWS!

Picture 7I am SOOO grateful to the peeps with shows who invited me to be in their productions! Please come out and see them if you can, especially the one-nighters. Woo Fringe! Can't wait!

The Shows
Puppet Slam- a puppet-based variety show in which I do 15 minutes of my Improv Cabaret act with John DeHaas on piano and James Donmoyer playing the role of "Turds" the turtle, a cute turtle puppet. He is hilarious, John is amazing and I am, well, keeping up with them.

A Day to Remember- I tell brief stories from my past (real ones) based on audience suggestion, then the cast of Absent Minded Improv, an improv group that does shows in College Park at Taste, will improvise scenes based on those stories. Altogether I will tell three stories. I saw Adam McKay do this at UCB in NYC so I am excited and mostly terrified.

The Bong Show With Pepe- We all know and love the character Rob Ward plays, Pepe. He will lead a discussion on pop culture hot-button issues with a table full of local people. One night, I will be at the table joining in.

Under the Covers- Jeremy Seghers is doing a one-man cabaret act with his way-high voice. He asked me to join him for one song. Its going to be... interesting to say the least. Bring the video cameras for this one. I am not leaving until I bust a vocal chord.

The Schedule
5/14 THU 10:20PM Puppet Slam (Orange)

5/15 FRI 5pm A Day to Remember (Blue), 8pm & 10pm SAK Comedy Lab

5/16 SAT 11am Pepe at Kids Fringe (Outdoor Stage), 1:40PM Puppet Slam (Orange), 4:45pm The Bong Show With Pepe (Brown), 8pm & 10pm SAK Comedy Lab

5/17 SUN 4:30PM Puppet Slam (Orange)

5/18 MON 6:00PM Puppet Slam (Orange), 11:40pm Under the Covers

5/19 TUE 10PM The Bong Show With Pepe (brown), 11:00PM Puppet Slam (Orange)

5/21 THU 8:25PM Puppet Slam (Orange)

5/23 SAT 7:30PM Puppet Slam (Orange)

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