Friday, May 15, 2009

PuppetSlam- my debut

Taken during last night's show

May 14, 2009: John and I performed a portion of my solo show in "PuppetSlam" last night at 10:20pm and according to the show's Twitter account, I said this during my performance:
"This is the worst show I have ever been in - in my life."
Why would I say something so horrible, right? First off, its rude and second, what coud have possibly happened that was SO bad?
#1- I was in my diva character mode.

#2- I had no mic.
HOWEVER, neither the puppet (played by the amazing James Donmoyer) nor the other puppets that chimed in hilariously during my bitching, nor even ME let the technical glitches (and they were huge) get in our way of doing what we went out onstage to do.

I felt like I was in the arms of the most supportive improv group in the world. Everything I said they just spun into gold. I could do no wrong. Really, really awesome improvisor/puppeteers (puppetimprovisoeers?) in the show.

Getting herded backstage before they open the house


@PuppetSlam on Twitter said...

It was an absolutely hilarious performance, Mark!

Hopefully the crowds will show up to experience, firsthand, the “Improv Cabaret” @ “PuppetSlam” gold!

james newport said...

is this on DVD yet???

Mark Baratelli said...

Thank you! I had fun and you guys are hilarious as well. James, its available for streaming on Netflix and HAS been since last night. Pay attention.