Saturday, May 16, 2009

Satruday- many shows, very tired

May 16, 2009: A day of Fringe and SAK performing. I didn't get photos of the stuff in the early afternoon because I had to buy a camera charger to replace the one I lost this week then let the battery charge.

11am Pepe at Kids Fringe, Outdoor Stage: (performed) This was a nice volunteer experience. Rob plays Pepe, a flaming Spanish man. So naturally he, Christian and I were outdoor on a stage doing an improv show for children. Rob made it work for us.

11:30am The SAK Show, Blue Venue: (performed) I ran across the Green to the blue venue to be in "The SAK Show." Its the cast of "The Early Show" at SAK, but at Fringe. I struggled to keep up, honestly. They are a well-oiled machine.

1:40PM Puppet Slam (Orange): (performed) My improv choices were poor, I took my diva character to a place I don't like, I think the audience hated me for it, and I did too! Bad bad bad.

PuppetSlam Day 2
Taken by @brianfeldman during this poor performance

3:05pm watched "Well of Horniness": (watched) Great cast, fab black costumes (my favorite was the Forever 21 prom dress), but Good Christ I could not follow that script.

4:45pm The Bong Show With Pepe (Brown): (performed) FUN! It was a Fringe-centric chat show with people from other Fringe shows all squeezed on a fake couch. We dished on Fringe. I whined about the liquor set-up in the Green. Pepe read my horrid review from December our loud. Hilarious! We talked about the point of even having reviewers, with an Orlando Sentinel reviewer in the audience. Read her review. Yes its self-centered to think this, but I think she is taking about me when she writes
"(Rob Ward) doesn’t let (The Bong Show with Pepe) fall into insipid insider Fringe gossip, as some of the guests would like."
I was TOTALLY going for that. I thought that was what Rob wanted. But maybe not? I dunno. I was enjoying his pre-show FREE cocktails so I might have gotten that part wrong.

Pepe opening night cast
The opening night cast of The Bong Show

8pm & 10pm SAK Shows (SAK Comedy Lab): (performed) Drove to SAK and did the 8pm and 10pm shows there. Layden is my hero. I went to be him when I learn how to improvise.

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