Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sherman likes Lazy, I did not

I saw this quote in a recent article about the Sherman Brothers (they wrote a bunch of music for Disney movies) on
"Who are some of Richard (Sherman)'s favorite songwriters? "Cole Porter, Larry Hart, W.S. Gilbert. Let's not forget Irving Berlin. He was deceptively simple: 'With a great big valise full/ Of books to read where it's peaceful/ I'm wasting time/ Being lazy...' You don't write — or think — better than that."
I sang that song, "Lazy," in that "I Love a Piano" tour back in 07-08. (Audio of me singing "How Deep is the Ocean?")I disliked singing it because I was the weakest link vocally in the three part harmony arrangement. I have no training in harmony, nor have I had the opportunity to perform it that often. So, it was stressful. And I think the song is pointless. Blech. Below is an arrangement as annoying but completely different from what we did:

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