Sunday, May 10, 2009

Someone needs attention

Florida is the new Africa. I want to called the swine flu "Pig AIDS." I hate everyone's Facebook statue updates. I have this idea to do a calendar called "Slutty Orlando" in which I pose for each month in front of local famous/infamous landmarks in some form of short shorts, ripped moob-revealing tank tops and lady-shoes. 30 Rock is so funny I (almost) feel guilty for watching it for free on Hulu. My new summer residence has wifi and a/c and as of this past Saturday, me. I got to go to Gospel Brunch at Disney World Sunday courtesy of Denna and Jeremy. I heard tables/booths (at which to sell your merch) are $5 at Audubon Park Community Market.


Summer said...

I hate people's status updates too, but I can't help myself- I just surf people's pages to see what they're doing. Why??? Why do I change mine so often? No one cares but I can't help it.....I'm grinding my teeth so bad on the meth today.

Ps. Your moobs are hot.

Mark Baratelli said...

Yeah I do the same thing. I botch about hating status updates, then I can't stop reading them.