Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tour is over. Done. Finished.

It's over. Tonight I did my last King Herod at the 7pm show in some town in Michigan. Sad to leave the fun role, excited to see what comes next. Unless its crappy. I made a collection of tour-specific photos here, separate from the city photos (89 sets in that collection!) and the theatre/venue photos, all of which I gathered while on tour.
Me (Mark Baratelli) as King Herod
Reflections on this touring experience:
1. Enjoying your time on stage takes the work out of performing.
2. Having a great roommate makes ALL the difference. Being a great roommate does even more.
3. Blog smart.
4. Bring your laptop to the theatre. Most of them have wi-fi these days.
5. Be yourself. Be nice. Be quiet.
6. Trust those around you on stage. Accept the trust given to you in return.


b c said...

Congratulations! So now it's back to Orlando for a while? Do you expect to move back to NYC eventually?

You are the busiest person I (don't) know!

summer said...

Maaahhhrk....Come on back to Savannah....I have some double fried, country fried steak for you......Maaaahhrrkkk,,,,,,I need you.....


Paula Deen

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark: I must say, you look dashing in this photo...Please tell me that if there is a 4th leg your gonna come back and do Pilate again??
Linda B.

Mark Baratelli said...

I would go back in a heartbeat if (a) they want me back, (b) the money is good, (c) I get my own room and (d) I am not doing anything already this Fall. And a big HAHA to the comment about me playing Pilate! That made me laugh.

Mark Baratelli said...

And BC, my plans are to stay in Orlando for the summer and then probably go back to NYC in the fall (blech) for auditions.

Anonymous said...

Whoops!! Boy is my face red!!! I meant to say, would you consider coming back to play King Herod? I have heard rumors that there could be a 4th far, the unofficial count for venues is at 8....and growing daily.... : ) So glad you have a sense of humor...thank you... LindaB.