Monday, June 29, 2009

Plobbable Rimstickle

Wow Taco Truck Taste Test is today! Yah in the grand scheme this is silly fun and not a big deal, but in my little world, where I treat my Daily City blog like a real true brand, its the first in-person interaction I'll have with readers! I think its neat when you think of it that way.

A very generous person made me some stickers to hand out. They look great and are made of vinyl. You can put them on your car, they're that durable. I made a new banner for the blog and I've publicized as much as possible without getting obnoxious. The only thing I have to do tomorrow is make sure the truck will be there and print out these "history of food trucks" thing I am designing.

I had a FIERCE idea tonight for an event in the Fall. In would entail me staying in Orlando to carry it out, but its so cool, I wouldn't mind. Stay tuned for that big honking deal. And if it does not happen, eh, I just go to NYC and hop in the audition line like I planned all summer.

OMG living on unemployment is awesome. I have a debit card with the funds on it and I use it to pay for stuff. Its this money thats not mine, and is paying for my shit. Wow. Awesome. It bought me gas today and a couple coffees.

I feel like I am stating to make headway with artists and collecting at for mobile art show. I am meeting with one Wednesday. And I poke to another one tonight. The guy who makes the dinosaur heads.

Also, I am delivering a book I got from a PR firm to a person who LOVES reading. He is gonna take a look and possibly review it for the blog. And the neat thing is, the book is in this weird format. I think its called a "review" copy. Its not bound.

The drink taste tests did not go well only because the mic on my camera conked out. No sound! No idea what I am going to do now. I am way too lazy to dub over it and get all creative.

I have to go to a couple doctors to get some stuff checked out, and I have to find a dentist. I haven't been in years. Gross. Denial. Gets ya every time. I cannot IMAGINE what the dentist will say when he looks at my teeth. I know I need gum surgery. They're a wreck.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Get this girl some help

This photo is horrible. This is someone who does not have anyone to look out for her, or someone who is a complete mess with an inability to ask for help. Good fucking Christ what has this girl become? I am shocked, sad, and blown away. This is a true tragic mess. Oh, and this is Lindsay Lohan BTW.

My birthday: June 27, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

Picture 39
Picture 38
Tiki Birds

Picture 35
Picture 37
Picture 36


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blarbedy Blar Blamp

12pm- radio interview on WPRK with the amazing Julie Norris. She grilled me on my blog, Orlando, and taco trucks. Fun as heck. You can listen to the whole 60 minute thing on Was so neat to hear her talk to me about stuff I really only read and type about. Hearing someone say "Taco Truck Guide" out loud for the first time ever, while on the air, was neat.

130pm- tried out a Greek place for the first time with my roomie. Great food, friendly owner, and we met two sassy old broads there (one with a pink buzz cut no less) who cut hair at the barber shop next door. They offered us a $20 shave. And we filmed a taste test out front of the GReek place. Two down, two to go! (4 total)

5pm- met the winner of the "Best Original Play" at Stardust and proudly handed him his certificate and the wonderful piece of art by Thomas T. I took a photo and added it to the photo page of the (newly-named) Audience Choice Awards.

630pm- got to Ignite Orlando downtown at Slingapours early enough to get a good seat and watch the whole thing. The presentations were diverse in topic and presentation style. The Mp3 experiment was super-neat. I'd like to think of a topic to present for the next event in three months.

10pm- bought a huge sammich downtown at Pita Pit. GREAT value for the money, folks. Its the Jasons Deli of sammiches. Downtown on a Thursday night is utter shit. Its full of what I'd call "Bridge and tunnel" folks. The vibe was gross and that new Plaza Cinema area looks like freaking Universal Studios or Downtown Disney, complete with rotating spotlights on the ground, as if we are at a Hollywood premiere... or at Universal Studios.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sent this to Watermark newspaper tonight

Hi. My name is Mark Baratelli and I would LOVE to submit myself as a potential blogger with his own blog/coumn on your website.

I currently run with 1,500 samples of writing, photo coverage, press release re-writes aka event listings. Also, all of the graphic design work on the site is done by me. This site would serve as my portfolio piece for you.

On that blog I forecast shifts in cultural trends, spit out re-written press releases, find new things for people to see and do that aren't the standard theatre/art openings/movies, do audio and text interviews, plan and carry out meet-ups, identify awesome hoods and markets and do all of this in a relaxed, irreverent voice.

I'd love to meet you to discuss this.

Thank you

Mark Baratelli

Friday, June 19, 2009

Art and food in carts

I didn't go to bed Thursday night working on Then this morning I showered (having not slept yet!) and went to the LikeMind Orlando meetup and had a great talk with an artist new to Orlando. SWe had a ton to talk about with my website, her art (she makes these cool hair clips with feathers, the fake "buy local" campaign. And I was buzzing on coffee and on zero sleep. Great convo. She had awesome ideas about the site and very helpful feedback.

I am having second thoughts about one decision I made in my excitement last night. I found out if you have an iPhone, you can buy an app from the iPhone app store that allows you to make credit card transactions. So, I could accept credit cards at the art show! But then today I was a little more grounded and thought about the cost of an iPhone, mainly it being the cost of the horrid AT&T plan. And the bad coverage problems I hear constantly. So, I dunno. I could always borrow someone's iPhone for the shows, but that is a LOT to ask, right? Right. I guess I could pay them a fee?

This morning I went to City Hall b/c Michael Wanzie said portraits of him and other local noteables were being revealed in a ceremony. I missed the ceremony but I did show up to see the portraits. Wow, what utter shit. The "portraits" are indeed of local noteables, but the photography quality is that of a point-and-shoot, and each person is wearing a tiger ear-topped headband and growling at the camera to promote the zoo. Barf.

Instead of walking back to my car, I moseyed a little downtown and ended up at the Downtown Information Center. Did you know there even was such a place? An employee (maybe the manager?) took me into her office, sat me down and had a 20 minute convo about what that info center does. I told her about and we discussed the horrid, the weekly downtown orlando email, her rooftop tours (I am going to set one up for readers), the east side of downtown versus the west side (and how stupid I think it is!), how there are no black people at Fringe (its true!) and other fun city-focused topics.

Then I walked back to my car, parked in a garage and began to drive home when I saw a pastry cart downtown and of course HAD to go find another parking garage and walk back and take pictures. Its the crepe card I've heard so much about! Woo! The crepes are $4 a piece and the person makes them by hand. I took photos of every step of the process. And it tasted great. Mine was ham and cheese. Love food from carts! Its the new "thing" in Orlando. Bubbling under!

So I keep walking, eating my crepe and end up at a scooter/art/live music shop, where I talk with one of the owners. I tell him about and I take his card. Then I end up at an urban visual art store and have almost the same convo I did at the scooter store, about art, my new website, my blog and the art scene. Encouraging and creative.

I am starting to like artists more than actors. I seem to be on the same wavelength as the ones I meet, unlike actors, despite my not having the same art skills as the artists. I just like being around the creativity. And they have a PLEASANT way of being, as opposed to actors. Thats a huge generalization I know. But in genera, actors are never NOT performing. I don't need you to be the funniest person in the room. Save it for the stage. Just talk. Blech.

So then I drive home and remember I have my bathing suit with me, so I go to the pool in Baldwin Park for a quick swim in the sun. Nice, right? Then I had a Chipotle burrito, conked out at 4pm and slept till 10:30pm. Now I am wide awake. Time for wine.

Mariah on downtown movie sign! Woo!

Brian Feldman took these pictures and put links on twitter for me. This movie was made, I want to say, in 2004 or 05. Its so old, but its just now coming out.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I am an idiot

So Sunday is the day I am supposed to call the unemployment insurance department of Maryland's automated phone line and report that I exist. I am supposed to do this every other week, and Sunday was the first day for me to do this.

I lost the phone number.

I wrote it on an envelope and then when I needed it, it was gone. I did not program it into my phone, I did not put it on my laptop, I did nothing but write it down on an envelope.

So what does this mean?

Well, Wednesday, the first day I could receive my very first unemployment payment, I wil not be receiving an unemployment payment. What does this mean? A lot. I have applied for unemployment many times in my life and never, never, never gotten it right. There is always something I do incorrectly that prevents me from getting money I am by law allowed to receive.

UPDATE Monday June 15, 2009: I filed Monday morning online. I (of course) forgot that this was an option yesterday. Now I am unaware if in 2 weeks I am supposed to file on Sunday or Monday. I will find a disposable phone and find the correct phone number and call them and ask them. Or not. I probably won't.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Friday night lites

SAK=WOO! When I throw myself into a scene despite all signs pointing to "failure," it feels SO much better than stopping and judging it. Same for when someone makes a choice I do not agree with or do not understand Just plowing on forward is effective. Judging it is not. No more judging a scene you are in for me. The days of Snarky Mark are over. Yay REAL improv.

PomPoms is THE place to go after SAK, but before 2am. Good food, nice staff, decent prices, great atmosphere. I am stuck on it after tonight. Where will I be Saturday night after SAK? PomPoms. Word.

I am changing my Facebook status update philosophy. I think updates about the mundane will replace my attempts at "providing value via comedic gold" in said updates. So, expect more "I walked to Jasons Deli" and less "Whats the deal with spinach?"

My arts blog, while not earning me one red cent, just got me a cool opportunity. Enzian has invited me to attend press screenings now. The next one is June 24th at (check this out) 10AM. Yes, ten ay emm. Awesome. And speaking of the non-paying blog, the PR company mailed me that health soda for me to sample and blog about. Its waiting for me in a box on my dresser. Just have to find a time and place to do it.

I saw Forbidden Broadway at Mad Cow. Yay theatre! Cast was fun and the pianist was excellent, but the material does not stand the test of time. Got to see Rob, Denna, David A and Christian. Big thanks to Rob for the tickets.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

SAK weekend for me

I was already scheduled for Saturday night at SAK, then Mike C needed to get out of the 8pm and 10pm Friday night shows so now I have a full weekend of improv. I'm trying a new A.D.D. pill out for 2 weeks starting today. My roommate has been out of town and I've been feeding his 20 year old deaf cat. Tonight I am seeing "Forbidden Broadway" at Mad Cow with David A.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gays are too precious to serve

Work is barf. I like nothing, thanks.

LOVING my summer. I don't want it to end. I do nothing every day. But it will end soon come the Fall when I have to get to auditioning again. Barf. Finding an apartment, improv classes, a subway, actual weather, a day job. Barf. I want to move to LA but you have to have a car there and I am not driving my car from Orlando to LA. And I would have to buy or lease a car. I am done with theatre, so there's learning to audition for non-theatre jobs I have to do. Barf. I just wanna sit and do nothing all day every day.

Hip Uniqlo Calendar

Look at me I am hip. Uniqlo. WOO.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Good bird better bird

This video is a metaphor for my life. When the bird flies away, I am disappointed. The bird was so cute and tiny, and I wish it would have stayed longer. But then out of nowhere an even more pretty bird flies into the screen. I didn't expect it, didn't make it happen and was just lucky to be at the right place at the right time to catch it on camera.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Friday, June 5, 2009

Drink is on the way

That one PR firm emailed back and asked for my mailing address so they could mail me samples to try and blog about. Am I the only nerd who thinks this is cool?

Boring update

1. I got two non-Orlando-based PR firms emailing me yesterday wanting me to write posts (not on THIS bog of course) about their products. One is for an energy drink and the other one a steak house. Exciting! I told them if they sent me samples or pay for my steak meal, I'd write a post about my experience, not guaranteeing them a good or bad rating. Why not?

2. Tonight I am playing at SAK in the 8pm and 10pm shows.

3. I got off my butt (yay) and returned the four unused picture frames I bought by mistake for the Patrons Choice Awards. Now I just have to call the two winners who were not at the event so I can meet up with them to give them their awards and certificates that have been sitting on my dining room table for two weeks.

4. The $1 dvds in the red box have arrived in Orlando! The first one I saw is at the 7-11 on mills near the intersection of Colonial. $1 dvd rentals! Neat! At least I think so.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I just learned how to make the "®" sign!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monday, June 1, 2009

Respond or they'll publicly complain

Two folks I follow on twitter and facebook sent very similar messages out within minutes of each other. Thought is was a coincidence and funny. And how do I follow my lists on facebook AND twitter at the same time? Why, the fabulous Seesmic Desktop, of course!

Me on the radio June 24 at noon

Chandelier in Saks Fifth Avenue
Wednesday, June 24th at Noon I'll be on WPRK 91.5FM as a guest on a show called Front Porch Radio hosted by Julie Norris, proprietor of Dandelion Communitea. Listen online!