Friday, June 19, 2009

Art and food in carts

I didn't go to bed Thursday night working on Then this morning I showered (having not slept yet!) and went to the LikeMind Orlando meetup and had a great talk with an artist new to Orlando. SWe had a ton to talk about with my website, her art (she makes these cool hair clips with feathers, the fake "buy local" campaign. And I was buzzing on coffee and on zero sleep. Great convo. She had awesome ideas about the site and very helpful feedback.

I am having second thoughts about one decision I made in my excitement last night. I found out if you have an iPhone, you can buy an app from the iPhone app store that allows you to make credit card transactions. So, I could accept credit cards at the art show! But then today I was a little more grounded and thought about the cost of an iPhone, mainly it being the cost of the horrid AT&T plan. And the bad coverage problems I hear constantly. So, I dunno. I could always borrow someone's iPhone for the shows, but that is a LOT to ask, right? Right. I guess I could pay them a fee?

This morning I went to City Hall b/c Michael Wanzie said portraits of him and other local noteables were being revealed in a ceremony. I missed the ceremony but I did show up to see the portraits. Wow, what utter shit. The "portraits" are indeed of local noteables, but the photography quality is that of a point-and-shoot, and each person is wearing a tiger ear-topped headband and growling at the camera to promote the zoo. Barf.

Instead of walking back to my car, I moseyed a little downtown and ended up at the Downtown Information Center. Did you know there even was such a place? An employee (maybe the manager?) took me into her office, sat me down and had a 20 minute convo about what that info center does. I told her about and we discussed the horrid, the weekly downtown orlando email, her rooftop tours (I am going to set one up for readers), the east side of downtown versus the west side (and how stupid I think it is!), how there are no black people at Fringe (its true!) and other fun city-focused topics.

Then I walked back to my car, parked in a garage and began to drive home when I saw a pastry cart downtown and of course HAD to go find another parking garage and walk back and take pictures. Its the crepe card I've heard so much about! Woo! The crepes are $4 a piece and the person makes them by hand. I took photos of every step of the process. And it tasted great. Mine was ham and cheese. Love food from carts! Its the new "thing" in Orlando. Bubbling under!

So I keep walking, eating my crepe and end up at a scooter/art/live music shop, where I talk with one of the owners. I tell him about and I take his card. Then I end up at an urban visual art store and have almost the same convo I did at the scooter store, about art, my new website, my blog and the art scene. Encouraging and creative.

I am starting to like artists more than actors. I seem to be on the same wavelength as the ones I meet, unlike actors, despite my not having the same art skills as the artists. I just like being around the creativity. And they have a PLEASANT way of being, as opposed to actors. Thats a huge generalization I know. But in genera, actors are never NOT performing. I don't need you to be the funniest person in the room. Save it for the stage. Just talk. Blech.

So then I drive home and remember I have my bathing suit with me, so I go to the pool in Baldwin Park for a quick swim in the sun. Nice, right? Then I had a Chipotle burrito, conked out at 4pm and slept till 10:30pm. Now I am wide awake. Time for wine.


Anonymous said...

Read your email, please. It's important. Thanks.

Summer said...

I tried to just talk to you, but then you asked if I'd had my baby and it made me kick into performance mode. Maybe you should re-evaluate your lead ins to a convo with actors?