Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blarbedy Blar Blamp

12pm- radio interview on WPRK with the amazing Julie Norris. She grilled me on my blog, Orlando, and taco trucks. Fun as heck. You can listen to the whole 60 minute thing on Was so neat to hear her talk to me about stuff I really only read and type about. Hearing someone say "Taco Truck Guide" out loud for the first time ever, while on the air, was neat.

130pm- tried out a Greek place for the first time with my roomie. Great food, friendly owner, and we met two sassy old broads there (one with a pink buzz cut no less) who cut hair at the barber shop next door. They offered us a $20 shave. And we filmed a taste test out front of the GReek place. Two down, two to go! (4 total)

5pm- met the winner of the "Best Original Play" at Stardust and proudly handed him his certificate and the wonderful piece of art by Thomas T. I took a photo and added it to the photo page of the (newly-named) Audience Choice Awards.

630pm- got to Ignite Orlando downtown at Slingapours early enough to get a good seat and watch the whole thing. The presentations were diverse in topic and presentation style. The Mp3 experiment was super-neat. I'd like to think of a topic to present for the next event in three months.

10pm- bought a huge sammich downtown at Pita Pit. GREAT value for the money, folks. Its the Jasons Deli of sammiches. Downtown on a Thursday night is utter shit. Its full of what I'd call "Bridge and tunnel" folks. The vibe was gross and that new Plaza Cinema area looks like freaking Universal Studios or Downtown Disney, complete with rotating spotlights on the ground, as if we are at a Hollywood premiere... or at Universal Studios.


b c said...

That gyro looks so good. And what is that to the side of it? Egg or potato?

oh, what are "bridge and tunnel" people? Is that Orlando-specific or can I use it? ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, today, Mark!


summer said...

What is Plaza Cinema?

Mark Baratelli said...

Brian: "Bridge and tunnel" is a term for people who do not live in Manhattan, but who get to it daily via "bridge and tunnel." Its a snotty term i think, but people use it. Mammatelli: Thanks! Summer: Plaza Cinema Cafe is THIS.