Saturday, June 13, 2009

Friday night lites

SAK=WOO! When I throw myself into a scene despite all signs pointing to "failure," it feels SO much better than stopping and judging it. Same for when someone makes a choice I do not agree with or do not understand Just plowing on forward is effective. Judging it is not. No more judging a scene you are in for me. The days of Snarky Mark are over. Yay REAL improv.

PomPoms is THE place to go after SAK, but before 2am. Good food, nice staff, decent prices, great atmosphere. I am stuck on it after tonight. Where will I be Saturday night after SAK? PomPoms. Word.

I am changing my Facebook status update philosophy. I think updates about the mundane will replace my attempts at "providing value via comedic gold" in said updates. So, expect more "I walked to Jasons Deli" and less "Whats the deal with spinach?"

My arts blog, while not earning me one red cent, just got me a cool opportunity. Enzian has invited me to attend press screenings now. The next one is June 24th at (check this out) 10AM. Yes, ten ay emm. Awesome. And speaking of the non-paying blog, the PR company mailed me that health soda for me to sample and blog about. Its waiting for me in a box on my dresser. Just have to find a time and place to do it.

I saw Forbidden Broadway at Mad Cow. Yay theatre! Cast was fun and the pianist was excellent, but the material does not stand the test of time. Got to see Rob, Denna, David A and Christian. Big thanks to Rob for the tickets.


summer said...

What IS the deal with spinach?

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