Sunday, June 14, 2009

I am an idiot

So Sunday is the day I am supposed to call the unemployment insurance department of Maryland's automated phone line and report that I exist. I am supposed to do this every other week, and Sunday was the first day for me to do this.

I lost the phone number.

I wrote it on an envelope and then when I needed it, it was gone. I did not program it into my phone, I did not put it on my laptop, I did nothing but write it down on an envelope.

So what does this mean?

Well, Wednesday, the first day I could receive my very first unemployment payment, I wil not be receiving an unemployment payment. What does this mean? A lot. I have applied for unemployment many times in my life and never, never, never gotten it right. There is always something I do incorrectly that prevents me from getting money I am by law allowed to receive.

UPDATE Monday June 15, 2009: I filed Monday morning online. I (of course) forgot that this was an option yesterday. Now I am unaware if in 2 weeks I am supposed to file on Sunday or Monday. I will find a disposable phone and find the correct phone number and call them and ask them. Or not. I probably won't.


b c said...

I had to do unemployment once. Do they consider your tour temporary work? I didn't know you could go onto unemployment without being terminated or laid off from a permanent job. But more power to you!

PS. Why Maryland?

Shannon said...

They are bastards. They make it so hard to get your money. However, I am going on week five, and still alive! Good luck!

Mark Baratelli said...

Touring is permanent work. You are employed with a written contract on a tour. Yes it lasts for a number of months, but while ou are under contract, its considered full-time employment. When your contract ends, you can collect unemployment. If you can sign up correctly, unlike me.