Monday, June 29, 2009

Plobbable Rimstickle

Wow Taco Truck Taste Test is today! Yah in the grand scheme this is silly fun and not a big deal, but in my little world, where I treat my Daily City blog like a real true brand, its the first in-person interaction I'll have with readers! I think its neat when you think of it that way.

A very generous person made me some stickers to hand out. They look great and are made of vinyl. You can put them on your car, they're that durable. I made a new banner for the blog and I've publicized as much as possible without getting obnoxious. The only thing I have to do tomorrow is make sure the truck will be there and print out these "history of food trucks" thing I am designing.

I had a FIERCE idea tonight for an event in the Fall. In would entail me staying in Orlando to carry it out, but its so cool, I wouldn't mind. Stay tuned for that big honking deal. And if it does not happen, eh, I just go to NYC and hop in the audition line like I planned all summer.

OMG living on unemployment is awesome. I have a debit card with the funds on it and I use it to pay for stuff. Its this money thats not mine, and is paying for my shit. Wow. Awesome. It bought me gas today and a couple coffees.

I feel like I am stating to make headway with artists and collecting at for mobile art show. I am meeting with one Wednesday. And I poke to another one tonight. The guy who makes the dinosaur heads.

Also, I am delivering a book I got from a PR firm to a person who LOVES reading. He is gonna take a look and possibly review it for the blog. And the neat thing is, the book is in this weird format. I think its called a "review" copy. Its not bound.

The drink taste tests did not go well only because the mic on my camera conked out. No sound! No idea what I am going to do now. I am way too lazy to dub over it and get all creative.

I have to go to a couple doctors to get some stuff checked out, and I have to find a dentist. I haven't been in years. Gross. Denial. Gets ya every time. I cannot IMAGINE what the dentist will say when he looks at my teeth. I know I need gum surgery. They're a wreck.


Anonymous said...

You must be sampling that energy drink, because you are leaving out lots of important letters tonight.

In addition, that Lindsay girl looks like that twin, the Olson one?, when she took to that starvation diet a few years back.
And lest we forget, what's her name, the one with the series that everyone loved, um, well, you know who I mean. She was the girl in "Birdcage."

Your editor,

Christian said...

Your dentist visit may not be that bad. When I got dental insurance back in 2007, I hadn't been in nearly 10 years.

Only problem? A couple cavities.

Mark Baratelli said...

Yay. I hope thats the only problem. Though I would LOVE a whole mouth full of giant fake white teeth. Veneers, i think they're called.