Monday, June 1, 2009

Respond or they'll publicly complain

Two folks I follow on twitter and facebook sent very similar messages out within minutes of each other. Thought is was a coincidence and funny. And how do I follow my lists on facebook AND twitter at the same time? Why, the fabulous Seesmic Desktop, of course!


Summer said...

Oooh now THAT is an Application to use. I have pondered the same query.

Mark Baratelli said...

I think the whole "Why don't people respond when I want them to?" is unanswerable. I think you know why *some* people do not respond, respond too late (oops?) or whatever, but then there are so many reasons why someone doesn't respond and its not their fault (battery died, they were at work, etc).

For me, the times I don't respond are when for whatever reason, I don't know *how* to respond. I like to think about it, forget about it, com back to it and send something thoughtful instead of something rash. You can tell I have intense email and text convos.