Monday, June 22, 2009

Sent this to Watermark newspaper tonight

Hi. My name is Mark Baratelli and I would LOVE to submit myself as a potential blogger with his own blog/coumn on your website.

I currently run with 1,500 samples of writing, photo coverage, press release re-writes aka event listings. Also, all of the graphic design work on the site is done by me. This site would serve as my portfolio piece for you.

On that blog I forecast shifts in cultural trends, spit out re-written press releases, find new things for people to see and do that aren't the standard theatre/art openings/movies, do audio and text interviews, plan and carry out meet-ups, identify awesome hoods and markets and do all of this in a relaxed, irreverent voice.

I'd love to meet you to discuss this.

Thank you

Mark Baratelli


Laura :) said...

You go with your bad self! Put on your sassy pants and get out there!

Laura :)

Mark Baratelli said...

They didn't even respond. Well, its been a week. What are they, Vogue?