Friday, July 31, 2009

At "Taco Truck Taste Test" July 28

I think this photo sums up my summer in Orlando. This is a photo of me taken by performance artist Brian Feldman at the corner of Conway and Curry Ford, hosting an event I made up called "Taco Truck Taste Test." The event's goal is to introduce taco trucks to mainstream Orlando.
Photo taken by Brian Feldman

My name is Roberto

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday: market, Ethose, Avalon, Loving hut, Winter Garden, nap

Saturday I went to the Winter Park Farmers Market for the first time and THEY know how to do a farmers market. I got a $2.40 coffee at Ethos. Overpriced. Then I visited the odd "Fairy Festival" held in the parking lot of the odder "Avalon" shop. To each his own. And the finale of the afternoon was seeing the piece "Brian Feldman Eats Everything Off the Menu at Loving Hut," his piece of art he created for the winner of the "Best Food Vendor" award in The Daily City Patrons Choice Awards at Fringe. That was so weird and awesome and I was surrounded by some of the most creative people in Orlando in the restaurant.

I had nothing to do, so I drove to Winter Garden. Never been. If you want proof that Orlando's history has been destroyed, go there. They have, gasp, old buildings. Do you see ANY old building pre-dating the 1960s anywhere in this town? Go to Winter Garden for your fill, but not to shop. Two stores were closing for good. I spoke with the owner of a children's shop and she said people come to the downtown area of Winter Garden to eat, then leave. They do not shop.

I drove back, took a nap, woke up at 9pm, took a 1.5 hour walk and then worked on some Daily City stuff.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


1pm | Met for an hour with Downtown Arts District head. Wants me as a contributor to his org's site. I don't know how to make that work, but I am going to let it chill in my brain and maybe some idea will pop up later. Also, we talked about me having a small part in Third Thursdays.

3pm | Met with artist I want to do the art for the Orlando Improv Festival poster, program, etc. His stuff is awesome. I gave him the giant car wreck book so he can paint it. And he consigned a piece with me for Mobile Art Show.

5pm | Met with Chris to talk improv fest stuff. I got lost in the minutia of how and when, but found my way back out. It hit me tonight that I am paying musical improv performers to come to Orlando to perform musical improv. I want to get back out on the road with my show.

530pm | Received the audio interview Jeremy recorded with the lead singer of the local band "Mumpsy." Have to sit down and give it a listen. Its 45-ish minutes long.

8pm | Met with another artist and collected another small piece for Mobile Art show.

I am going to miss days like today when I am gone in the Fall!

The car wreck book:

Monday, July 20, 2009

July 21 is Free Pastry Day at Starbucks

Starbucks sharing the calorie count now
"We’re making a change: your food not only tastes better, it is better. To celebrate, we’re inviting you to bring this invitation to a participating U.S. Starbucks store to enjoy a FREE pastry* from opening** until 10:30am on July 21st, 2009 (while supplies last) with the purchase of any beverage*.

Click to print your invitation:

Or open this page in a mobile device and show your barista:

* Pastries included in offer are: Muffins, Scones, Bagels, Croissants, Rolls, Breads, Pound Cakes, Morning Bun, Coffeecakes, Cheese Danish, Apple Fritter, Doughnuts, Tarts, Pies, Gluten Free Orange Valencia Cake, Tropical Paradise Bar.

Offer available at participating U.S. stores with the purchase of any handcrafted beverage (handcrafted, brewed, iced). Limit one free pastry per customer. Offer good between opening and 10:30 a.m. or until pastries are gone, whichever comes first. Opening hours and pastry selection vary. Supplies are limited. Offer not valid in Hawaii, airports and travel plazas or at Barnes & Noble cafes. Starbucks reserves the right to cancel, amend or revoke the offer at any time due to business considerations or circumstances beyond its control. Starbucks is not responsible for errors, omissions, malfunctions, interruptions, deletions, delays or failures of operations. Void where prohibited, taxed or restricted. Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Cash value 1/20 cent. Not valid if photocopied, altered or reproduced. Barista, please ring discount code 563. Our new food is not yet available everywhere; ask your barista for details. **For 24 hours stores – opening is 4 a.m."

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Monday night improv fun!

Monday night I'm performing as a guest with the improv group "Absent Minded Improv" at 9pm at Taste in College Park. This is a video I made with Marcus, one of the members of the group.

A few small project updates

Many small-size things are happening

I'm on a panel!
Doterati is putting myself and Brian Feldman on a panel in January 2010 to discuss non-traditional online creative projects. I'd seen a wonderful panel in June with Beth Marshall on it and afterwards thought "Brian and I should be on a panel," so I wrote a tweet about it (read that here). They saw it and scheduled a phone call, we spoke, they were all about the idea, and we scheduled January so we had time to come up the idea and format of the panel.

And speaking of panels
This town can only support so many cabaret fundraisers. There are so many going on now and over the past year, I am moving away from them. But, I still have to raise money for the improv festival, so I gotta do SOMEthing. Panels. More to come!

Mobile Art Show got a date
I kept putting off Mobile Art Show I think because I was unable to think of who to ask about how to hang stuff. So, I picked a date three-ish weeks from now: August 5, 2009. I wrote up a dry press release and it went out last night around midnight. And, I went to Sam Flaxx art store and straight up asked them "How do I hang unframed art in a van?" Through a super-brief back and forth, it was clear all my supplies were at Home Depot: twine, sticky bathroom hooks and office/desk-type clips. Who knew?

Same with Taco Truck Taste Test. People keep asking me when the next one is, and I keep going "I am too lazy to go find a new truck." So I kept putting it off. Then yesterday Jeremy S DROVE ME to a taco truck and showed it to me. Boom. Now I have to set a date for the next one and get the menu translated and try the food and do a press release.

Same with MOOM. People keep asking me when the next one is, so I scheduled it for Friday, July 24, 8am, at one of my new favorite coffee shops, Rockn Joes in SoDo.

Improv Festival
Things are moving. Its decision-making time right now. What, where, with whom and how much? I have been meeting with a few people and am slowly coming up with a form and structure based on each of our talks. One idea that came from one of those talks is an improv cmmunity meet-and-greet, so I can share the plans for the festival and then see how people want to be involved and make sure everyone is aware of whats going on and how its going to work and everyone is on the same page.

Wow, when I do not REALLY try hard to have a fun show at SAK, I have an un-fun one. Saturday night was un-fun. Its no one's fault but my own. I did not focus on the show, but on the people in the show. And I have to say, if I am ever un-supportive onstage, I am sorry. I am going to watch that in the future.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


iPhone can eat shit
I desired an iPhone, but the monthly charges at AT&T are so horrid for it that it stopped me in my tracks. I waited and debated and today I walked into a KMart randomly and found a huge display of pre-paid phones. Virgin Mobile has a fantastic plan: text-only! Perfect me, as I never make or receive calls. I bought the $20 phone, will be paying $15/month for text/IM/email, $5/month for internet, and paying 10 cents/min for calls... which I never make. With fees and tax, it will probably be about $30/month for every basic thing I need.

Yes its no iPhone, but until I have employment that justifies that phone's cost, no way. I bought an iTouch and I own a laptop. I have enough connection for one human.

Dead car
In other news, my car died. I did not take care of it this weekend, so Monday morning I am up and handling the towing and going into the shop and stressing out. Don't know how to describe the problem other than the gear shift thing doesn't stop on anything. Its as if there is no "Drive" and "Reverse" and all those other notches for it to stop on. It just slides forward and reverse like a toy.

Got immense joy from last night's shows. Same thing with Friday and Thursday night's. By Saturday night's shows, I was getting moments, here and there, of the level of improv I was doing in 1998. Just a big load of joy is all I can describe this weekend of improv as.

Pepe Show
My arts blog is now an officiall sponsor of the Pepe show at Peacock Lounge. They are going to be presenting a " Hot Shit List," five fun things to do in Orlando in the coming weeks. The name of the list works well with Pepe's crazy faux-Spanish accent. When he says "city" it comes out "shitty" and vice versa. All five things on the list are all quirky and weird. I will also be running an ad for them once they send it to me. I am all about the ad swaps and no-cost marketing partnerships with this blog.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

I picked up a SAK shift tonight

Chase is going to Chicago to take the intensives at IO and he was scheduled to play tonight. But, he needed to pack for his trip, so he gave the shift to meee! 8pm and 10pm | SAK Comedy Lab | Orlando, FL

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Me reading a Facebook Update written by Ed Shepp

(If you want to download the mp3, go here)

7-9-09 | Written by Ed Shepp as a Facebook update

Elderly people with no one to talk to should have a line they can call to just chat. Instead of the pharmacy or grocery store or salesperson. It's the LEAST a society can do. On another topic, there was a cellist in the subway, and for some reason I kept thinking something was out of tune on that thing, but it was hard to hear. But easy enough to hear that the piece didn't go anywhere or have any actual emotion.

When I gave him a buck I said, "Do you know any Britney?" Because I really would like to hear some Britney from a cellist on the train. It's like I tell people: Sing pop songs that everyone knows and wants to hear. Sure, everyone knows Under the Boardwalk, but after hearing it 67000 times, I don't want to again. But how about Take On Me? Us oldies know it, but it's also been covered to death, so some younguns do too. Why not Toxic? I'm surprised I've not seen a drag queen do it. I tell you this: If I were actually a good singer, I would do that. I would at least sing the National Anthem on July 4.

I mentioned that to someone, but I said the Star Spangled Banner. And he was like, "the national anthem or the Star Spangled Banner?" I was like, "They're the same thing!" Then he said that SSS refers to the instrumental, but the National Anthem means the song with lyrics. Well BULLY FOR YOU, Captain Pedantic! (And I don't believe that--"star spangled banner" is in the lyrics! And the original tune was a drinking song!)

Me making SAK gaaay

These are all taken by the fabulous Carley V!
Picture 36
Picture 25
Picture 23
Legs at SAK
Picture 33

At SAK tonight | 8pm

Hey I just picked up a show at SAK for tonight. So if you're un-busy, come out and see improv.
Sak,6-19,6-25-dane cook 6-26 071

PRESS | Orlando Weekly | Active Cultures

Wow. I was FLOORED when I saw this profile of me and Taco Truck Taste Test yesterday. Seth Kubersky, the writer of this article, freaking made my YEAR. So grateful and humbled and happy!!!!

This post got picked up on Florida Creatives

Full article

Full article

The intro paragraph. Favorite funny part: "You might have seen his 'show-saving star turn' as King Herod..."

The part about Mobile Art Show

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Barf Hand is done

I picked up the 10 pieces tonight of Barf Hand created especially for Mobile Art Show!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

O'Horten: cinematic yoga class

I got to see the press screening (!!!) of a film opening July 24th at Enzian called "O'Horten," and though I have the attention span of a person who says they have a short attention span, I was engaged.

The movie moves at a dead cat's pace, with enough visuals to fill a spec of dirt. And they don't speak English AND!!! the subtitles are in white. Hard to read.

However, the film (and this thang is no mere "movie," it is a film) has this thing about it that keeps you involved, despite its old-people-driver pace. I don't know what it is. I think its that the main characters "adventure" seems 100% plausible.

I compare this film to a yoga class. It forces your ADD thinking to slow down, your synapses to fire slower, and to just relax.

So I say, take your klonopin, sip your beer and slip into the near-coma state that Michael Jackson only WISHED he could have achieved through the help of his many doctors, and go see this movie.


The emails have been sent

I am putting the feelers out to out-of-town performers about their interest in coming down to Orlando to be headiners in the very first ever...

Musical Improv Festival!

It'd be in October, to coincide with Fourplay's 3-week run at Winter Park Playhouse. They could be involved if they wanted to. I emailed them last week and seriously every human being involved with the theatre was out of town. So I am going to meet with them this or next week.

So, in Orlando in October, there'd be Four-play, my solo show, a few local shows I've already spoken with, and (hopefully) an out of town headliner or two.

Would that not kick ass!!!?????

I had this idea way back in 2007, and I'd love to see it happen this Fall.

We shall see.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Very nice email

I got a great email from someone who both attended the comedy talk at SAK tonight and who reads The Daily City every day during lunch. Its a very positive and upbeat email. Wanted to share. Finding this email in my inbox was a great way to end my day.
"I attended the comedy panel at SAK tonight and want to tip my hat to you. I don't really enjoy the SAK "formula," but I would definitely enjoy seeing you perform in other venues. I was recently in New York and saw several shows at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. It was a great experience and I wish SAK was willing to switch up formats (sketch, improv, one-man show) like they do at the UCB. I'm not a huge fan of blue comedy, but giving people the opportunity to push the boundaries can often open the door to some great stuff.

I'm also a fan of the Daily City and usually click over everyday during my lunch break. It's a great site and definitely gives Orlando more of a big city feel. Keep up the good work. You've got plenty of loyal readers."

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Business cards for Mobile Art Show

Picture 16
Picture 15
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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Memories- 2004

This is an arrangement of Winnie the Pooh I worked on with a guy named Jef waaaay back in 2004.

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Friday, July 3, 2009


Yes, I am about to blog about my other blog. At first this seems, dumb, but my blogging strategy (however flimsy it may be) is to keep the personal stuff here, and the Orlando stuff on the daily city.

So, I am going to write about my personal FEELings about a recent comment someone made over there on TDC.

I wrote a brief write-up about the "Whats Up Orlando" event I attended Thursday morning and got this comment:
"You call the City of Orlando stepping up to help local businesses tragic? Are you anti-business, anti-Orlando, or both?

Then you go on to say: "Yes, now every single one of them has their required "farmers market" and "art stroll" and all this bland crap."

Guess they arent local enough for you either.

What a guide for "Orlando's arts and culture", HA!"
That last sentence really got to me, especially the "HA!" I responded with an unemotional response stating the facts and my points, again. And left it at that.

But dude, wow. That was a harsh comment. Its funny, I do call TDC a guide, but some of the content is not "guide" material. Some is commentary. And I think having both is good But mabe I need to make the types of content I put out there more clear, like "This is a commentary piece by editor MArk b" or "Here's a caendar event..." I just assume sometimes people get the way I think. But, say yu come to the blog for the very first time, all you have to go on is the design, the menu, and the first few articles. And if the first article you read is me slamming on neighborhood markets and art strolls, then yeah, "Ha!"

Whether I agree with someone's opinion about what I write (which is my opinion) is irrelevant. I am just, today, making myself aware to BE more aware of the image I am putting out there. Nothing wrong with criticism of the city you live in, but you have to present it in a way so the reader still knows you love the city and are not some grumpy bitter dude just being Mr Negative 24/7.
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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Check this shit!!!! Its awesome!!!

Picture 4
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