Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The emails have been sent

I am putting the feelers out to out-of-town performers about their interest in coming down to Orlando to be headiners in the very first ever...

Musical Improv Festival!

It'd be in October, to coincide with Fourplay's 3-week run at Winter Park Playhouse. They could be involved if they wanted to. I emailed them last week and seriously every human being involved with the theatre was out of town. So I am going to meet with them this or next week.

So, in Orlando in October, there'd be Four-play, my solo show, a few local shows I've already spoken with, and (hopefully) an out of town headliner or two.

Would that not kick ass!!!?????

I had this idea way back in 2007, and I'd love to see it happen this Fall.

We shall see.


Summer said...

THat sounds super cool! I think it would be fun! I nothing really else to add because I'm sitting here in a bra and panties getting ready for work.

Mark Baratelli said...

HOT. You added enough just with that description.