Sunday, July 19, 2009

A few small project updates

Many small-size things are happening

I'm on a panel!
Doterati is putting myself and Brian Feldman on a panel in January 2010 to discuss non-traditional online creative projects. I'd seen a wonderful panel in June with Beth Marshall on it and afterwards thought "Brian and I should be on a panel," so I wrote a tweet about it (read that here). They saw it and scheduled a phone call, we spoke, they were all about the idea, and we scheduled January so we had time to come up the idea and format of the panel.

And speaking of panels
This town can only support so many cabaret fundraisers. There are so many going on now and over the past year, I am moving away from them. But, I still have to raise money for the improv festival, so I gotta do SOMEthing. Panels. More to come!

Mobile Art Show got a date
I kept putting off Mobile Art Show I think because I was unable to think of who to ask about how to hang stuff. So, I picked a date three-ish weeks from now: August 5, 2009. I wrote up a dry press release and it went out last night around midnight. And, I went to Sam Flaxx art store and straight up asked them "How do I hang unframed art in a van?" Through a super-brief back and forth, it was clear all my supplies were at Home Depot: twine, sticky bathroom hooks and office/desk-type clips. Who knew?

Same with Taco Truck Taste Test. People keep asking me when the next one is, and I keep going "I am too lazy to go find a new truck." So I kept putting it off. Then yesterday Jeremy S DROVE ME to a taco truck and showed it to me. Boom. Now I have to set a date for the next one and get the menu translated and try the food and do a press release.

Same with MOOM. People keep asking me when the next one is, so I scheduled it for Friday, July 24, 8am, at one of my new favorite coffee shops, Rockn Joes in SoDo.

Improv Festival
Things are moving. Its decision-making time right now. What, where, with whom and how much? I have been meeting with a few people and am slowly coming up with a form and structure based on each of our talks. One idea that came from one of those talks is an improv cmmunity meet-and-greet, so I can share the plans for the festival and then see how people want to be involved and make sure everyone is aware of whats going on and how its going to work and everyone is on the same page.

Wow, when I do not REALLY try hard to have a fun show at SAK, I have an un-fun one. Saturday night was un-fun. Its no one's fault but my own. I did not focus on the show, but on the people in the show. And I have to say, if I am ever un-supportive onstage, I am sorry. I am going to watch that in the future.

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