Sunday, July 12, 2009


iPhone can eat shit
I desired an iPhone, but the monthly charges at AT&T are so horrid for it that it stopped me in my tracks. I waited and debated and today I walked into a KMart randomly and found a huge display of pre-paid phones. Virgin Mobile has a fantastic plan: text-only! Perfect me, as I never make or receive calls. I bought the $20 phone, will be paying $15/month for text/IM/email, $5/month for internet, and paying 10 cents/min for calls... which I never make. With fees and tax, it will probably be about $30/month for every basic thing I need.

Yes its no iPhone, but until I have employment that justifies that phone's cost, no way. I bought an iTouch and I own a laptop. I have enough connection for one human.

Dead car
In other news, my car died. I did not take care of it this weekend, so Monday morning I am up and handling the towing and going into the shop and stressing out. Don't know how to describe the problem other than the gear shift thing doesn't stop on anything. Its as if there is no "Drive" and "Reverse" and all those other notches for it to stop on. It just slides forward and reverse like a toy.

Got immense joy from last night's shows. Same thing with Friday and Thursday night's. By Saturday night's shows, I was getting moments, here and there, of the level of improv I was doing in 1998. Just a big load of joy is all I can describe this weekend of improv as.

Pepe Show
My arts blog is now an officiall sponsor of the Pepe show at Peacock Lounge. They are going to be presenting a " Hot Shit List," five fun things to do in Orlando in the coming weeks. The name of the list works well with Pepe's crazy faux-Spanish accent. When he says "city" it comes out "shitty" and vice versa. All five things on the list are all quirky and weird. I will also be running an ad for them once they send it to me. I am all about the ad swaps and no-cost marketing partnerships with this blog.

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Anonymous said...

It might be no transmission a leak. If you need a ride back from the repair place, I'll taxi you, except during the hours of 10:30 to 1:00 Monday.

I have transmission fluid here if you want me to bring you some Sunday night.

Mrs. Fixit

b c said...

Good luck with your car. I HATE dealing with that kind of stuff so I sympathize with you.

On an unrelated note, today for the first time, I realized you have a podcast that goes along with this blog. How slow am I?

Mark Baratelli said...

The car ended up easy, sort of, and costing me $375.